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Tony Gunn

International Media Mogul  The charismatic Tony Gunn has emerged as a Global Figure in an industry which, in his words, is often ‘overlooked and under-respected’. “Manufacturing continues to be an afterthought in many countries. And if it’s not an afterthought, it’s stereotyped as dirty, undesirable, and insignificant. However, that stereotype couldn’t be more incorrect....

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Swami Sivananda Baba

A 127-year-old Yogi Divulging the Secret to Living A Long Life A man who has defied age with the aid of his yogic practice is not only a paragon but a legacy of a lifelong commitment to humanity. Swami Sivananda is a 127-year monk who was born on 8th August 1896 to a famous...

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Shelley Clayton

An illustrious woman with a superior business quotient Breaking gender barriers and climbing the business ladder with sheer determination, Shelley Clayton, owner of Ageless Aesthetics and a nurse practitioner, joins an illustrious list of women who are making a mark at a global stage.  At a professional level, she has always been interested in...

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Samantha Tauber

aka Revolutionary Futuristic SuperHeroine Avatar VNCCII Who is the real Samantha Tauber? She is an award-winning Australian multi-media artist, music producer, entrepreneur, thought leader, storyteller, live performer, and Chief Metaverse Officer for her company, VNCCII. She also acts live as her futuristic Galactic Metaverse SuperHeroine avatar VNCCII on the global stage both digitally and...

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