Contributors of Passion Vista Magazine

Welcome to Passion Vista’s contributor’s column, where we give a platform to individuals with unique perspectives and ideas to share their thoughts on various topics. From business and luxury to lifestyle and culture, our contributors provide fresh and insightful content that engages and inspires our readers. Join us on this exciting journey of learning and discovery through the eyes of our diverse group of contributors.

Lori Bergman Passion Vista Magazine

Lori Bergman

Nutrition Coach
Ana Maria Ciubota Passion Vista Magazine

Ana- Maria Ciubota

Founder- Ansavvy Skin, Author & Life Coach
Amy Sinton Passion Vista Magazine

Amy Sinton

A certified life & business coach
512 x 512 Passion Vista Magazine

Phillipa Brown

Psychologist & Entrepreneur
Jenn Drakes Passion Vista Magazine

Jenn Drakes

Life Advocate & Author
Aisha Passion Vista Magazine

Aisha Saintiche

Owner & Founder, Me to Moi Health (Certified Health Coach)
Dr. Helen Kagan Passion Vista Magazine

Helen Kagan

Colors Healing & Beyond
Dr. Mohita Shrivastava Passion Vista Magazine

Dr. Mohita Shrivastava

Founder & CEO- Cognitome Program, Cognitome LLC, Writer, Author -Cognizine
Ilaria Storch Passion Vista Magazine

Ilaria Storch

Founder: Life Coach Nomads


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