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Valéssa L. Taylor

Air Force Veteran and 30+ Year
Clinical Certified Trauma Professional

Valéssa L. Taylor, a distinguished Air Force Veteran and Clinical Certified Trauma
Professional at Go Core Mind Body Soul LLC. She is a visionary leader empowering
elite trailblazing Coreprenuer women in Corporate America. With over 30 years of
unparalleled expertise in clinical trauma, Valéssa's global perspective, shaped by
living in four countries and extensive travel, guides her esteemed clients towards
transformative growth and unmatched success. Her prestigious contributions to
Passion Vista magazine deeply resonate with Coreprenuer women of exceptional
caliber in Corporate America, seeking authentic and unyielding empowerment.
Embrace Valéssa's exclusive approach, embark on a life-changing journey to unlock
your core potential, and immerse yourself in a world of unbreakable resilience, and
flourishing mind, body, and soul wellness. Elevate to new heights of empowerment
with Valéssa as your trusted advisor.

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