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Kumar Vijayendra

Pioneering the Path of Resilience  

Kumar Vijayendra is a bestselling author, multiple award-winning thought leader , speaker and an entrepreneur with about two decades of global experience in business transformation.

His debut book ‘The Sustainable Entrepreneur’ simplifies sustainability for small businesses, to increase their participation in the shared goal of a better planet. This book was widely accepted and hit the #1 bestseller on Amazon.

Kumar has published multiple articles in reputed trade journals such as Forbes, CEO World, All Business etc. He has been awarded the Golden Award for Thought Leadership and the Thought Leader of the Year 2024 award by Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards. For his contributions and impact, Kumar has also been awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Azteca University.

He is an invited member to the prestigious Forbes Business Council and sits on the Board of Directors of multiple business related organizations.

He speaks at business organizations and conferences related to entrepreneurship and small business sustainability.

Kumar is also the President at Footsteps LLC, a last mile delivery company and MD Testing Services LLC, a DNA and drug testing company in the Central Coast of California. He is the host of the podcast ‘The Great Immigrant Dream’ that captures the success stories of immigrant entrepreneurs globally.

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