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Torie Smith

A Channeler, Spirit Advisor, Cosmic Thought Leader, Artist, Author and Motivational Speaker

I grew up in the country, surrounded by five Indian reservations, where there was nothing to do but party and adventure.

By the time I was seventeen it was clear, that I was walking a conscious self-reflective path of self-exploration. Every moment, every engagement, every experience clearly an intentional opportunity to discover, define and declare my truth.

Growing up my mother told me, ‘I wasn’t in charge, God was’. This gave my soul an incredible freedom; to surrender and explore all that life has to offer, without hesitation.

With radical trust and faith in the experience, I leaned into what was possible when one lived life without fear, bounds or limitations.

I’ve spent my entire life, thus far, following my heart, my Spirit and my intuition.

Every beautiful soul I encounter transforms my being, my perspective and my innerstanding capacity; for radical acceptance and unconditional love.

Every intricate detail of this experience we all call life, calls to me, intrigues me and fascinates me. There’s never a dull moment inside this big, beautiful brain of mine — I am beyond excited to share it, with all of you.

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