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Matthew Yip

Prof. Mathewmatician – A Passionate Mathematics Educator

☆ President of Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, International (Macau) Institute of Academic Research; Mathematics and Statistics Program Director, Chartered Institute of Training and Development, ……

☆ Distinguished Professor with double Ph.D. degrees in both Mathematics & Mathematics Education; Impact, achievements and accolades have been rated as grade A

☆ Trainer of the Mathematics Olympiad Trainers (China Mathematics Olympiad and World International Mathematics Olympiad Committee’s senior trainer; Invited to teach Mathematical Olympiad coach training courses; Preparing the questions, explaining, and judging for the National Mathematical Olympiad for University Students; Head coach of the HK representative team at the International Hope Cup Mathematics Invitational)

☆ Exam expert (Obtained the highest grade at once in different public exams, such as AP, IAL, and HKDSE); Invited to teacher training

☆ Quick and clever calculation expert (Trainer of the Abacus and Mental Arithmetic; obtained champion in arithmetic competition)

☆ Named by many renowned educational institutions (e.g., Chief Mathematics Teaching and Curriculum Advisor of HK Tutor Association, Chief Math Tutor, etc.)

☆ Many students have made outstanding achievements in various open mathematics examinations and Mathematics Olympiad competitions

☆ Interviewed by more than 200 media (e.g., Times, Fox News; named as “Award-winning educator”); Invited to exhibit in various exhibitions

☆ Rich teaching experience from early childhood to master (e.g., Have taught more than 100 master’s, bachelor’s, and associate degree courses; have taught dozens of primary and secondary schools)

☆ Columnist and best-selling author; Many sincere and high-quality books (“Primary Mathematics Book” with Challenging Problems, “Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Learning and Teaching Masterpiece”, “Mathematics Olympiad Masterpiece series”, ……) & teaching materials; Readers come from more than 35 countries or regions

☆ Registered Teacher; Obtained full marks on the teaching test, received many positive evaluations by students & schools; Received several awards (e.g., “Outstanding Train the Trainers Award”, “Outstanding Leadership Award”, ……)

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