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Gueston Smith Passion Vista Magazine

Gueston Smith

Multidisciplinary Design Entrepreneur, Founder – Guesscreative LLC

Gueston Smith is a multifaceted creative force and a visionary in the realm of design and architecture. A proud alumnus of the USC School of Architecture, his academic background laid the foundation for his innovative approach in his entrepreneurial ventures. At the helm of Guesscreative, Gueston blends architecture, business acumen, and experiential design to create unique and impactful spaces. His work transcends traditional boundaries, with a focus on prefabricated structures that are not only functional but also aesthetically remarkable and adaptable.

With a rich portfolio that includes custom luxury shipping container spaces, mobile retail trailers, and bespoke athletic sneakers and apparel, Gueston’s designs are a testament to his creative prowess and his commitment to sustainability and innovation. His involvement with Kubed Living showcases his talent in transforming modular structures into stylish and sustainable living environments.

Gueston’s journey is also marked by a deep commitment to personal development and community engagement. As a Jeet Kune Do instructor, he embodies the discipline and mindfulness that he brings to all his endeavors. His work reflects a unique fusion of cultural influences, inspired by his experiences and a profound dedication to enhancing lives through design. Gueston Smith is not just creating spaces; he’s crafting experiences that resonate with individuality and purpose.

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