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Dr Ute Pfeifer profile Passion Vista Magazine

Dr. Ute Pfeifer

Qualified Architect and Certified Coach
Certified art studio manager for expressive painting
Certified poetry coach for creative and therapeutic writing

More and more people, especially in modern business worlds, are looking for guidance and support when there is a need for clarification, improvement and change, both in their professional and private lives. In addition, there is often a desire for time out, small oases of well-being that can be easily integrated into everyday life. It is about taking a deep breath, drawing strength and a good, coherent feeling for life.

Due to my professional multiple training and my many years of experience in the field of coaching my clients benefit from a diverse and unique set of methods as well as of my many years of self-employment working as leader in the top management of a larger construction planning company.

I offer my coaching services within my consulting firm PfeiferINTERCOACH. To summarise, my work can be understood as purely professional as well as holistic support for people who find themselves in challenging professional or personal situations – or just in normal everyday life with a need for fresh ideas for their further development.

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