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Dr. Mohita Shrivastava Passion Vista Magazine

Dr. Mohita Shrivastava

Neuroscientist & Neuropsychologist, Founder – Cognitome Program

Dr. Mohita is a global award-winning neuroscientist & neuropsychologist. As an experienced neuroscientist, researcher & an educational professional turned entrepreneur, she believes that brain & mind health can be improved significantly by unleashing the potential of our neuroplastic brain. She, therefore, established Cognitome LLC – a startup, ‘The Cognitome Program’ which is a holistic, structured, evidence based neuroscientific program, that offers management & therapeutics of issues related to cognition, cognitive control, cognitive functions, and brain-mind behavior. She has published various peer reviewed articles in internationally acclaimed journals. Her passion for writing gradually merged with her interest and knowledge in the field of brain-mind-behavior, and she started writing on Mental Health in international newspapers/magazines and her own blog – Cognizine.  She is confident that through her sincere writing foray she can create awareness & enlighten masses about various issues related to brain-mind health that are often unaddressed thereby helping the people to have a life full of happiness both from inside &outside.

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