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Jenn Drakes

Life Advocate & Author

JENN is a mom, serial entrepreneur, and life advocate who hosts the podcast Arrays of Living. She is also the creator and co-host of the Get Awesome Show, author of the book Aladdin Carpets – Change your Perspective, Change your Life.

Jenn is a hidden gem in a desert of gems, and everyone who discovers her is forever changed by her personality and presence. Over the years of working with youths and young adults, she was crowned The Original Goddess to acknowledge the shared feeling that “Jenn is wise beyond her years. I find her to be almost an “old soul” type of spirit.” Her voice and writings are powerful, impactful, and life-changing because they trigger thought and promote tantalizing, intelligent conversations.

Today, she uses that wisdom to shatter glass ceilings and power up the purpose she believes everyone holds within. A belief that is foundationally based on all of us being born with a gift and a responsibility to use and share that gift to achieve sustainable happiness. Her mission is to improve how people feel about themselves and empower their sense of self-worth to achieve more personally and professionally than they imagined.

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