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Colinda Latour Passion Vista Magazine

Colinda Latour

Self-love Coach, Author, and Speaker

Self-love coach and author, Colinda is a beacon of love in action, guiding women to transform their lives through the profound practice of love.

Raised in northern Canada as the youngest of six children, Colinda faced a childhood marked by a lack of unconditional love, with her father’s abandonment and a tumultuous family environment leaving enduring scars. However, her resilience led her to create her life-altering “31-Day Full-on Love Challenge,” chronicled in her book, Living in Love.

Awed by the challenge’s impact, Latour knew she had to share the gift of self-love. She became a certified self-love coach and Reiki healer to help others transform their lives as she had. She specialises in empowering high-achieving women end perpetual self-pressure and the quest for external validation, guiding them to achieve the ultimate goal of loving themselves unconditionally.

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