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Matteo Zaralli Passion Vista Magazine

Matteo Zaralli

Founder VRAINERS | Author | Business + Philosophy + Tech | VR & AI

Matteo Zaralli founded VRAINERS, an innovative project that realized an E-learning Platform App in Virtual Reality available on Meta Quest Store and Pico VR. In 2022, he won the Fulbright scholarship for the BEST Program in California. He worked with StartX in Palo Alto as a Communications Fellow. Matteo won the Intercultura (AFS) scholarship for international school and cultural exchanges. He holds a BSc in Business Administration, an MSc in Management from the European School of Economics, and an MSc in Philosophy from Università degli Studi Roma TRE. As a strategic Learning expert, in 2019, he was hosted by RAI1 at different programs like “Superbrain.” He is the Author of “Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Risks and Opportunities for Your Business.” published in February 2024.

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