Manish Vaid


Manish Vaid, well known Resort & swim wear designer, hailing from India & now based in Los Angeles, California showcases inspired designs from Jamaica and scorches the retail in the USA.

Acing the world of fashion, Manish is known for his exclusive work in creating Resort, Holiday & Swim Collections. His exotic sense of styling & meticulously handcrafted designs is appreciated worldwide.

Manish is a designer at Jsquad Clothing based in Los Angeles and creator of the brand MANISH VAID. After earning his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Nagpur University he completed his Masters in Business Administration in 1996 from the same. He further went on to complete his Post Graduations in E-commerce and International business. He moved to Jamaica in 2004 and established an import company bringing in resort wear apparel from China, India and the US.

Manish always had a passion for designing an apparel line and wanted to utilize his education for creating a successful global brand.

In 2012, Manish moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for fashion desining and joined Jsquad Clothing which is located in the heart of fashion district in downtown LA and begain his journy in fashion desingning.

Living several years on the beautiful island of Jamaica inspired him to create exotic resort wear & swim line where he blended the skills of hand embellished beads and crystals on the vibrant digital prints and styles he created. Company has now a manufacturing facility in Delhi, India where they employs more than 50 employees while the designing team works at the Los Angeles office.

Manish Vaid is now established as a premium brand in the resort, holiday & swim markets and has more than 400 stores across Europe, North & South America and the Caribbean who proudly carry his collections.

Apart from being part of several fashion weeks like Miami Swim Week, Screening the Oscars 2019, Styling lounge at the 45th Daytime Emmys, Manish was on the judging panel of the recently concluded Mrs World in Las Vegas, NV where Mrs.Sri Lanka was crowned as the new Mrs.World.

Born in ancient Plovdiv, the European Capital of Culture, a city which attracts innumerable tourists from around the world. This city is the oldest living city in all Europe and the sixth oldest in the Worl, the architecture is extraordinary. The ancient Name of Plovdiv is Filipopolis, which was the main centre of the powerful Roman Empire many years ago. It is famous for its ancient theatre where fabulous Battles of Gladiators of history were fought.

Nadezhda Ganeva is 23 years old, Bulgarian Model, Actor, Dancer; living in the beautiful Italian Canton Tessin of Switzerland for over 2 years now. In the most picturesque location, a villa exactly above the world’s popular lake Lugano. It is some kilometres far away from the fabulous Swiss city Lugano and 1 hour far away with a car from the world’s Fashion Capital – Milano.

As a Rhythmic Gymnastic for many years she was the main dancer in one of the most luxurious clubs in Bulgaria. She was popular in the specially choreographed emblematic program of the club along with other popular dancers, acrobats and singers from Bulgaria and other countries.

She then met her Swiss boyfriend and moved to more interesting Swiss – Italian lifestyle. Italian language, global Italian cuisine, holidays in yachts (38 meters), private jets and travelling are her interest areas and leisure activities she indulges in.

Nadezhda has ever since, participated in Italian and Swiss events in Switzerland, as well as in one of the world’s four fashion capitals – Milano. Her career has been on the upswing in modelling, theatre and fashion shows.

This is a small part of her extraordinary life. We are sure of more achievements and adventures in the future.

Miss Ganeva quotes, ‘I have the opportunity to be part of the High Life of Italia and get to know in private Important Persons, Real Stars, just like The Famous Italian Impresario and my friend Lele Mora. I even spent my Christmas 2019 together with the Famous Italian singer Cristiano Malgioglio and the world’s popular singer Aleksandar Delgado of the Cubanian Musical Group “Gente de Zona”, which hit “Bailando” with the Star Enrique Iglesias.’

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