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Would you accept the facebook friend request of your Mother in law ?

Q- MIL is famous abbreviation for women folks in India.Tell us few tips of surviving an Indian MIL (Mother-in law).If you ever get a facebook friend request from the MIL,would you accept it?

A- I love the whole beauty of it ! Hahaha…(laughs loudly ) I will accept the facebook request for sure ! I mean, it’s just
weird because we have seen dramatic shows on Indian television but its necessary to understand that whatever is shown is fictional, and we are living in real world. One cannot take television so seriously.

Q-2- Marry not just for your husband but also his family.

A-  Well, co- existence is what is needed .. and I truly believe that if the harmony isn’t there, then there is definitely a problem. In India it works like that and that is how it should be, is what I think. Why should we expect anyone to detach from the family. I’m sure the person who marries me will be excited to marry my family as well. (*wink*)

Q-3- What is it to have been famous from a very young age. Let us know the life of a Child Star.

A- People love you so much. And give their attention all the time. One is blessed if that is you. At the same time you tend to believe that the world revolves around you and it is the upbringing that keeps you sane. One has to strongly believe in having “head on the shoulder & feet on the ground” making sure you don’t get lost or stay away from the reality is very important. It is tough job to acknowledge every bit of niceness received. I hold it close to my heart. And living in gratitude becomes my way of life.

Q-4- Evolve is to empower, you have been evolving with time, age and projects. If you can share secrets of fitting in XS size and stylish makeover.

A- The whole journey was a roller coaster. I believe it’s very important to keep ourselves mentally & physically healthy. After a long battle with my laziness I finally made sure that I workout religiously and take care of my body… after all it is mine! So yes! That happened!! I will like to tell everyone that a healthy way to stay fit is being happy! Eating healthy and exercising is very important. You can choose whatever suits you, as long as it is healthy. I am a vegan. I am regularly doing gym workout, also like dancing to burn the calories. Try to eat as much healthy as I can. The results that you expect from yourself might not be seen in a week but gradually you will fall in love with yourself. Suddenly your skin will start glowing, you are happier and that’s why I say it was a roller coaster because I was unhappy with the progress as it was very slow but that’s how rigid my body had become but now when I look back I feel proud that I didn’t give up! Being skinny is not what I promote, being healthy is the key to your happinessand it has beautifully worked for me .

Q-5- Would you ever be ready to accept live-in relationship. Why ?

A- Ofcourse! I think it’s important to know a person before you get married and if living together would help me to do that than I definitely would go for it. It is better to experience everything before you take a big step such as a marriage in your life.

Q-6- How much  rumors and social media comments affect you. One rumour that made rounds.

A- Rumours don’t affect me anymore. Yes it did earlier, when people spoke about me being fat but that in a way pushed me to realize that i was being careless and lazy. But otherwise I don’t really read or get bothered about rumours or comments. I really do have multiple things to do in a day to improve my life. Negativity isn’t a part of that list! I feel sorry for people who comment like that but I wish them happiness and more productive days in life. Hahahaaa ( giggling ) the famous rumour about me was dating my best friend Manish who was my co actor from sasural simar ka. And moreover he is 18 years elder to me. I think this was something that was all over the news and it was funny, to be honest. We always knew our reality, nothing changed between us and never will change. Thankfully now that he is married people will stop talking about us I hope. ( laughing )

Q-7- Anytime when you wanted to quit acting and do next big thing.

A-  Write..produce.. direct.. sing.. dance.. i will surely do all of this!

Favourite bollywood hero- I have a list Ayushman, vicky, srk , ranveer , hritik , ranveer  Favourite line- “keep it simple”
Favourite comment- “you are kind” Favourite fan moment- so many ! Recent one where a 6 yrs old kid asked me to marry him because he thought I was cute i just couldn’t stop blushing

One liners
1-Who is your celebrity crush Diljit dosanjh , ryan reynolds , david Beckham
2-Whats your annoying habit That i love watching mushy romantic drama movies again and again and i dnt get bored!
3-Would you date a fan I’m sure i’ll make my special one a big fan of me!
4-What is your favourite Halloween costume Chandler’s costume from halloween episode of friends .. hahahahahahaa
5- What is the dumbest thing you do I zone out .. when someone is talking and i get lost in my thoughts is something i need to try to chnge  hahaha
6- Any tip for daughter in law I think i need to become one first.. but on a serious note we all need to learn to love and be more kind .. this is for everyone.. *biiggggg smile*


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