Karishma Kotak

A flamboyant actor and presentor

From being in the fashion industry to standing on the cricket fields and presenting the most entertaining cricket tournament Indian Premier League (IPL) Karishma has graced the screens. Karishma Kotak started off as a model who later got into anchoring and eventually became an actor.

The UK-based model didn’t really have any plan for being in the fashion industry but life had different plans in store. She dreamt of becoming a teacher but getting a big start during her university days pulled her in front of the camera. Karishma was signed to fly out to be in the Kingfisher calendar. And as she believes one of the biggest breaks of her career, appearing on season 6 of the reality show Bigg Boss, which completely changed her life for good.

During the initial days of her career, she tried her hands on many things including acting & modelling wherein she bagged numerous ads and promotional campaigns for products ranging from, Dove, Nivea, Ponds, Sunsilk, Tanishq, Lakme amongst many others and seen working with the biggest superstar Salman Khan. Karishma’s glamorous and flamboyant glimpse was also seen in cover pictures of Vogue, Asian Women, and many more.

From being an outsider to making it past the high walls of the super-exclusive club in the Hindi film industry. In a relatively short span of time, Karishma had assembled all the key pieces — popularity, fame, and critical acclaim — to complete the jigsaw puzzle called “success”. As she explains, “There were offers from everywhere and it was one step at a time ever since. It was challenging but I met some amazing people. The usual getting to know the right people and doing the right work took time but it was a worthy one and I won’t trade it for anything.”

There were offers from everywhere and it was one step at a time ever since. It was challenging but I met some amazing people. The usual getting to know the right people and doing the right work took time but it was a worthy one and I won’t trade it for anything.

At the age of 20, she visited India and realized the huge potential in the Indian fashion industry, and stepped forward with all her heart. Meanwhile, she also pursued her degree in advertising and marketing. The purpose of inspiring people toiled her to go beyond her modelling career and inspire women who just need a little wind beneath their wings. That’s when she started her career as a presenter. Being a presenter comes before anything to me says Karishma, “it wasn’t easy, I remember my first time hosting a cricket match. You could be talking to anyone, and suddenly the ball I had knocked the stumps down. I had never done television before, but once you have done LIVE TV, you can do anything; you won’t have any stage fright.”

Karishma has always had a special romance with the fields of television, where she has presented countless lifestyle and sporting tv shows and hosted the countries most prestigious awards show International Indian film Awards. Her resilience has also been awarded last year for outstanding achievement in the lifestyle and entertainment industry. Today, she is an incredibly popular woman, who is also popular for her YouTube channel with the legendary fast bowler Sir Curtly Ambrose “Curtly and the Karishma show”. It’s an interview sort of chat show where they provide an in-depth analysis of sports and cricket in general. We know Karishma primarily as a television presenter from her IPL hosting days. Long after she decided on continuing the journey with sports and cricket primarily with this show.

Talking about her hosting career in a lot of sports events and even on her youtube channel, Karishma says, “I feel so blessed to travel the world and host these leagues.

I have never been someone who religiously watched sports but I definitely do now. And I enjoy it! In fact, I think it is the one thing we are all missing right now. Some good cricket and some good football! It has definitely become a passion”

Karishma doesn’t shy out discussing about her views on love and relationships and proudly believes that “trust and respect are bigger than love. If we have these two loves follows. I have been hurt, but still trusting people is my superpower. Now what people do with it is up to them but I always give them the best-case scenario. That’s how I go about my life. I have great camaraderie with my people and the ones that I spend time with. I care for people and I always try and be there for them whenever in need.”

Despite her successful career as a sports presenter, Karishma didn’t give up her acting career and on the contrary, she was seen working across several regional languages movies, songs, and even OTT platforms. She has recently shot for a song with singer Yasser Desai on the streets of London “It’s my home and I could show the crew around as well. I have always loved a New York, London kind of set-up for songs” says Karishma.

Besides her beautiful looks and impressive personality, Karishma love working out and experimenting with that, she does yoga and also sits alone in the arms of silence. Karishma also speaks about spending time with her pet, she shares how distressing it is to spend time with a cat and dog, “I just think everyone should have a pet as they offer so much unconditional love, so many cuddles, so much positivity. It means so much, especially in tough times. They can’t speak, but they are so expressive”

When asked to share her piece of advice with the youth she says, “I would ask them to believe in themselves and start now. Be in the moment, It means a lot. We all are one community and this community and humanity include animals and plants. We ought to care for one another, no alien is coming to do that for us. So spread smiles, life is too short to hold a grudge.”

Karishma Kotak has gardened a great field of appreciation for her amiable personality and resilience. Her flamboyance and inexplicable hard work come to the world in the form of entertainment and the appreciation and gratitude for what she does takes her to the forefront time and again.

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