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From a small town in Madhya Pradesh to the capital city of India, Anju Choudhary has carved her niche in the design & coaching industry. Being a fearless kid, always up for facing the audience and performing was one of the finest qualities she had since her childhood. Now an entrepreneur, leader personal growth coach and designer, Anju came down to Delhi to build up a small happy life for herself, little did she know what the future held for her.

Passionate about making art usable and transforming lives through her potential she came a long way. From someone who never wanted to build her own business to be at the pinnacle of success with her leading brand, Wild ochre, she has left thousands of head-turning. The TEDx speaker, has seen her life turning around 360 degrees, “when I started working for some of the best brands of Delhi in the Interior industry I couldn’t feel confident and it took me good 16 years of my professional career to realize my potential and break free from my barriers and embrace the person who really I was” says the influencer.

On the journey of unfurling her potential, Anju came across as an undaunting woman. Standing each time she fell, led her to start the transformational journey in 2016. And she came across as a firm believer in the journey of self-development and transformation, she adds “I took charge of my life, opened my company bagged some great projects and within a few months started getting recognized for my work.”

Rapt in the art, she has redefined the concepts of real creativity in the design industry and tries to unravel each layer of the contemporary ideas, to create discerning ergonomics and functional art pieces thru her designs.

Building a dream takes your heart, soul, and mind, and maintaining a work-life balance amidst your journey is no less than a challenge, Anju elucidates, “when you have to achieve something in life, you have to give up on many things but the only thing that kept me empowered was my dream of following my passion and living a life that I love… And at the end, I am happy that the structure I have created in my environment is something that helps me to make sacrifices even today without being disempowered. And helps me keep creating this smooth balance today and in the future as well.”

An inspiration to many, Anju herself is inspired by her mother in many ways “She had the courage to get her kids, especially me as a daughter to study and live a life of her dream. Another person who inspires me the most is Oprah Winfrey for her chasing her dream life and designing it against all odds,” says Anju.

At a time wherein ‘inclusion’ is finally receiving its importance in the world, Anju reveals that according to her experience and acquaintances, women are starting businesses at the fastest rate of any racial group. While minority women were being shut out when it came to capital access till recently, many workplaces are now conducting diversity and inclusion training.

Anju’s lifestyle includes reading meditation, rejuvenation through body spa, and enjoying the silence around her, No conversation with anyone but with herself in silence. Moreover, you will find her in some self-development webinars or a physical workshop. She adds, “I believe had I not taken a route of self-development in 2016, I would not be here. It is due to self-realization that I have come this far after realizing my full potential and the journey continues this Saturday, next to next, I will always be happily working on myself and also on the life of others…”.

However, Anju isn’t far behind, and the plethora of awards and recognition she’s received stands testimony to that.…”.

She has been conferred upon by Dr. Radhakrishnan Sarvapalli Award by Mentor X. In addition, she was also rewarded with the Rising Star – excellence in Life coaching by Rise & shine & Mentor x company. She was featured in newspapers & Magazines for her furniture exhibition Keepsakes which was Inaugurated by FDCI president – Sunil Sethi in 2018.

Anju aspires to constantly work on a titanium mindset, and wouldn’t be wrong to define Anju as a flawless blend of eruditeness, solicitousness, and flamboyance.

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