Tricia-Kay Williams

A Firm Resolute with an Unwavering Radiance

With the ability to triumph over any stumbling blocks coupled with the tenacity to always move forward in life, Tricia-Kay Williams is one such exuberant soul who has taken whatever life throws at her in her own stride. She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Coach, owner of Metamorphose Counselling and Consultation Ltd, co-founder of TKM Scarves and More. In addition, the host of a YouTube channel and Podcast called Meta Transitions and is also a Diversity Equity and Inclusion Consultant for organizations in Higher Education.

Currently residing in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, Tricia is happily married to Basil Williams. She grew up in a humble home in the valley of Mount Charles, Parish of St. Andrew in Jamaica. At the age of 19, her family migrated to Ontario in Canada and initially, she found it to be difficult to find an appropriate job since she didn’t have any Canadian Experience or Canadian Education being an immigrant. The available jobs for immigrants were usually in factories but Tricia- Kay was determined to get a better education and was accepted into York University to pursue a BA in Psychology.

After taking a break from pursuing education she worked in administrative positions at York University. While travelling to Pune, India an idea of opening an e-commerce store selling scarves was integrated into her mind and along with her partners, she registered the business TKM Scarves and More in Brampton. Then she began her MA in Counselling Psychology at Adler University and met some wonderful people who have helped her reach this height of success. Even during times of hardship, her family and friends stood by her like a rock.

Tricia had to undergo a transition when she moved across the country to pursue her education and it was the first time that she lived away from her family. This period was riddled with all sorts of mixed emotions ranging from anxiety and fear to excitement and passion. Living alone gave her the confidence to do anything in life. She recalls “Currently, the journey to growing a private mental health practice has its ups and downs. As a multiethnic counsellor, I navigate compassion fatigue, burn out and discrimination.”

She defines her passion which is instrumental in navigating towards her goals and states “I consistently remind myself of the road I travelled to get to where I am. I think about my family’s humble beginning in Jamaica, my immigrant story to Canada, my own mental health journey overcoming sexual trauma, grief and loss, and relational transition stories. These experiences have made me the resilient warrior that I am today and I use the determination and the drive from these stories to inspire me to empower others.”

She is a member of the LEAN IN organization based in the U.S. that was created for women by women. This organization is a medium with which women can connect with each other and form a community that is growing each day and prompts women to be assertive and fight against bias in the workplace.

Being a multi-ethnic woman, Tricia-Kay had to build up the courage to make her presence known and she says, “I advocate for others who may be invisible and sit on committees that implement systematic changes to have more diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Her most challenging barrier Tricia-Kays tells us has been finances as she had to apply for student loans which she is still paying today. She had to work full-time hours and went to school full time too due to which she sacrificed healthy meals, sleep and comfort. She mentions “The social support of friends and family made up for the lack of money. I truly believe that a strong community connection is more important than monetary wealth.” Also, she dealt with discouraging people by using their words as fuel to take off.

Her multitude of strengths has enabled her to overcome any breaks and barriers that have come along the way. Being an action, task and goal-oriented person, she maps out her plan into microsteps and then aligns herself with the right people who can complete the tasks that she is not good at. Her strong work ethic meant that she became unstoppable when it came to accomplishing her plans and goals and is capable of choosing the difficult route in order to learn to work smarter.

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