Zahra Syeda

A stellar vault of determination and success

Bringing determination, peace, and a heap of resilience into the marketplace awash with grace ‘show and tell’, Zahra is a genuine and impeccable woman.

It’s a story as to how Zahra concocted her passion and profession of an optimistic, empathetic, and dedicated therapist, when she linked up working as a humanitarian and found her innate peace in it, she found a kindred spirit and serenity, who was able to help translate her wisdom and energy into something truly special.

Zahra Syeda, a doctor, therapist, and life coach always wanted to contribute to humanity. Being the first child in the family inculcated maturity, responsibility, and discipline in her at a very early age. As a young girl, working towards her professional dreams sounds delusional to the spectators. Carrying her dream with eyes full of passion and a heart loaded with courage, Zahra turned her power into the main driving force when encountered gender discrimination for the first time in the society and community.

After completing her MD and master’s degree, she started working as a doctor, despite a fulfilling career her craving gravitated Zahra towards helping humanity which later intertwined with her personal and professional life. From a stressed, burnt-out doctor with sleepless nights to a calm and relaxed profession she established her own company and went on following her heart. Zahra has carved her name as one undaunting woman with a lot of patience, energy, and passion to achieve these results. Through her deep commitment, passion and after working relentlessly for 5 years, she has transformed her life. The flare of challenging herself at every possible stage led Zahra to start working as a devoted yoga teacher aiming to balance her heart, mind, and soul, she says, “Change is never easy but essential. I had to bid farewell to my comfort zone and step into my growth zone and I love to stay there since then.”

This led Zahra to her biggest achievement yet – the launch of her own company –4D Health Services, Canada, however, she is also acting as a Director at Hum-we.

If success has changed her, it isn’t showing. She remains the same honest, kind-hearted, confident, and spirited individual, who initially insisted on helping people, and now shows gratitude towards people she met throughout her journey. “Every person I have met and engaged influenced me in some way or the other. I appreciate how various people including my parents, family, teachers, friends, co-workers, and my clients have inspired me.” Showing furthermore gratitude towards the criticism she has received during different stages of her life, she adds, “I am also thankful to all the haters and the naysayers as they have challenged me to do what I am doing today! Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom! Failures, setbacks, and rejections have taught me how to be mentally unshakable, physically fit, and emotionally stable.”

What drove Zahra to execute and triumph a career switch of this magnitude? She shares, “I practice what I preach! I accept life as a package of happiness, sadness, cheer, fear, kindness, and anger. I believe challenges make us stronger and better! We grow during our hardest times and learn life lessons that are otherwise not possible. I have learned not to run away from challenges, and instead, face and overcome them!”

Passionate about work, playing multiple roles but she never fails to strike a balance between home and work herself. The entrepreneur’s commitment to her work has never neglected her personal and family life. She has successfully learned to manage her time and energy. She says, “Over the years I have overcome perfectionism and mastered the way to prioritize and complete my tasks on time.”

An inspiration to many, Zahra herself has been inspired by the life and its stages, as she believes it’s not just about the people but everything around us can inspire us, she says, “Nature is amazingly inspiring for me, it’s a divine mystery, beauty and silence is a wonderful inspiration and has a great impact on my life.”

In her free time, Zahra likes to read, sketch and listen to music. Every Saturday you can find her starting her day in her yoga studio, following up with preparing special breakfast for her family. She enjoys spending time with her loved ones and her favourite destination is Niagara Falls. Zahra’s indomitable spirit resonates with Michelle Obama, “Success isn’t about how much money you make. It’s about the difference you make in people’s lives”

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