Tonya Rutter

A Master Of Empowerment and Resilience

Tonya Rutter is a brilliant Clairvoyant, Intuitive, and Energy Master who is excelling as an Empowerment and Confidence Coach. She has worked with people all around the world and helped them attain the confidence they need to pursue their dreams. No matter who they are and whether their problems are connected to health, relationships, money, or anything in such, Tonya can aid them well. Her vision is to engage as many members as possible in her Freedom is Wealth Movement, proving that wealth is abundant when people are free to be themselves.

Tonya has two sons, they really are free thinkers who enjoy lives to the fullest, and two daughters, who are sturdy spirits living life freely. She describes them as her inspiration to be the greatest version of herself. In the early days of realizations, it wasn’t pleasant for her to come out as a high priestess when she initially started on her spiritual path. There was a lot of worry about how her family would respond because of the misunderstandings about what it takes to be a high priestess.

Her path to aiding others began about 13 years ago when folks who had died began to come to her and she was able to converse with them. Soon after, she began to sense how the living died in previous lifetimes, providing her with a different view of the tragedies they faced in their existence. Her energy practice has evolved over the years from previous life regression to working within DNA to connect flashbacks and backstory programming that are preventing clients from moving forward; moreover, making her a desirable expert in her profession. It was destined from the start that Tonya’s motivation was to help heart-centered creatives, coaches, entrepreneurs, and executives become unlimited by showing them how to delve into the magic they already have inside themselves. Her coaching takes into account the full individual: mind, body, and spirit – as well as history, now, and destiny. It’s a statement to society that you are much more than a mind, much more than a body, and even more than a soul.

Tonya, as a coach, once supported a patient in healing from cancer and others in healing from COVID. She has assisted a client in attracting worldwide consulting offers, another in attracting retailers for her food company, and far more. She’s indeed an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine, and a writer in the forthcoming book ‘Inspired Living’.

Talking about her most loved moments in life, Tonya maintains regular contact with family and friends. She dances and meditates early in the morning and takes occasional holidays. The powerful lady is launching the Freedom is Wealth Movement to demonstrate that wealth is abundant when you are free to be yourself. And it, like a magnet, attracts the human intellect and produces a sense of knowing more about oneself. However, Tonya, like many other coaches in her profession of energy therapy and ability to heal, struggled to charge for her services and attract clients who are ready to pay, as there is a stereotype that their skills are ‘gifts;’ they must just throw them away and do their job for less money.

Though, through her hard work and dedication, in her business journey, Tonya also collaborates with organizations, providing chic business success techniques to achieve targeted objectives. She guides staff on how to change through difficult times for positive mental health, so they don’t feel entirely insane, all while supporting the creation of a safety net. When she isn’t attending to her clients, you can find this published author penning the sequel to her urban fantasy, Blood Promise; cuddling up with a book and a glass of red wine; or relaxing outside on a beautiful night. Also, she loves watching Netflix and reading good books.

Tonya thinks that all is made out of energy, which covers your ideas, emotions, sensations, and body. When someone discovers how to control energies, they become the master of themselves, and nothing has been forced over them unless they would like it to.

“Let your creativity flourish and draw inspiration from different sources and individuals,” she said. “Imagination generates a drop of reality in space and time, allowing ideas to go from concepts to production.”

Her words, aura, and knowledge will encourage others to see more and manifest more for the rest of their lives. Tonya is embarking on a self-healing change that will be recognized in society and by the people for many years to come.

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