Vered Lerner

Multi-Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Consultant, Coach & Speaker

Emotional Intelligence is the link between the heart and the mind” says Vered Lerner; entrepreneur, writer, consultant, coach and speaker. She strongly believes that emotional intelligence is more important than the intelligence quotient, as it is a balance between the way that the emotional and logical parts of our brain connect to and interact with each other.

Vered developed her career since childhood. Raised in a business-oriented environment, she was always busy running a pretend office when other children her age were playing with toys. Growing up, she realized the value of leadership and stepped forward to play the role wholeheartedly. Vered’s professional journey began during her teenage years as a babysitter. Surrounded by the most positive people, she always found herself grounded and never shied from small jobs.

Vered’s commitment to goals proved beyond a doubt that whatever she set her mind to would exceed expectation. She soon learned the power of negotiation and the concept of ‘bundling’ services. Offering families she regularly babysat for to have their friends’ kids sleep over on double-date nights, she would watch them all and increase earnings. The families loved the “discounted rate” and she discovered that creative solutions are profitable.

A sponge soaking up knowledge along with progressive experience, Vered freelanced while relentlessly working full-time which consequently introduced her to many companies of different sizes in various industries. “While climbing the corporate ladder, I identified universal issues across businesses in general and developed solutions. With time, I gained a great reputation in the business world.” says Vered Lerner.

Naturally, Vered encountered numerous challenges pursuing dreams. There came a time when she halted her career for wanting more, feeling unsatisfied in the status quo of corporate life and conflicted. Ultimately, she learned to trust herself.

Vered admired and looked up to those who pursued their passion and followed their dreams. “I admire people who take calculated risks, face their fears, and do what it takes to reach success. Some of my role models have been colleagues who paved the way for future entrepreneurs and female leaders.” she explains.

Call it God’s positive intervention or her ignited spirit, one of Vered’s dreams came true with the inauguration of her venture; Bizstance Services Inc., a full service management consulting agency delivering business services and corporate training, where she serves as CEO and Founder.

Being a tough nut to crack, Vered manages a thriving career and parenthood as a single mom of two. She inspires the realization that it is possible to balance a career as well as family life without one negatively affecting the other. On Saturday mornings you will find her at home, enjoying quality time with family. That is the one day of the week that Vered refrains from work and spends her precious moments with loved ones.

What sets Vered apart is her strength and resilience. She says, “I am not one to give up easily. I attribute much of my success to a healthy mindset and advanced people skills, essentially my emotional intelligence”. Speaking about one of her passions, Vered went on, “My passion is Emotional Intelligence, it is the foundation for a healthy mindset and a higher quality of life. My mission is to empower individuals and businesses to operate with clarity from a strong foundation. That’s what drives me.”

As one among impeccable and brilliant coaches, we cannot let Vered leave without asking her how women can uplift their lot today. She suggests, “Women must believe in themselves.

They need to embrace their natural ability to tackle multiple projects, manage their time and nurture relationships. The first step to achieving success is identifying what success means to us. Once we know what drives us, we can create a plan to reach our goals.”

Among her greatest achievements, Vered has recently been listed for the second year in the row on Brainz-500 Companies and Influential Leaders who are recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievements and dedication to helping others.

Probably the most important piece of wisdom Vered shares with us is regarding her determination. “These are unprecedented times. These same times, however, are great opportunities for self-reflection, discovery, and change. Regardless of external circumstances, we all have choices. Sure, it’s not easy and yes, it will take time but there’s no bigger satisfaction than living the life we design.” sums up Vered.

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