Tricia Liverpool

An Ensemble of Diligence, Charisma and Optimism

A strong voice in a corporate world is often deemed to be that of a man but Tricia Liverpool has broken that stereotype and proven her mettle in a stern world with egoistical leaders. Her hard work and charisma have proven that a firm resolute can move mountains and with this, she became MD of a large Corporate and further started her own recruitment business in 2014.

Born in the UK to West Indian parents from Trinidad and St. Vincent, she studied English at the prestigious Kings College in London. But she soon shifted to Hong Kong in 1996 pre handover while working in Public Relations providing communications support to the Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA). Tricia then grabbed a great opportunity to pivot careers. Whilst she was waiting in her friend’s office one evening, his boss took notice of her given her persistent visits and gave her a chance to join him in Sydney to work in recruitment in a startup consultancy called ‘Ambition’. She was the first consultant in what is now a global business.

Having almost 20 years of experience in the corporate world, Tricia Liverpool has navigated her way to the top. After 6 years of running her own business which had become the agency on record for PR/Comms recruitment in SEA, she returned to Corporate as a General Manager and has led Cornerstone Global Partners in Singapore to its most successful year in 2021.

Being a minority in Asia and Australia has had its struggles but also its rewards. She recalls two instances, one being in Sydney where she was taking a job brief and being told “please do not send us any darkies!”. The other was in Hong Kong where she was offered two roles on the phone and was dismissed when it was her first day on both occasions when she turned up for work. But Tricia has met a lot of people along the way with whom she has built long-lasting and positive relationships.

Tricia scrupulously gives insight into the structure of today’s organizations compared to twenty years ago when it was definitely more of a Man’s World. “‘I feel there has definitely been a shift in the workplace whereby with a focus on family and flexibility, women are on equal footing.” She shares some useful strategies for women that include fostering open communication and transparency with the company. In addition, you need to play to your strengths as ultimately an office with diversity is an office with more experience, more opinions and more suggestions. If the environment does not support it and you can’t change this, then leave.

Being an inspirational figure herself, we asked her who inspired her the most? “My role models range from Michelle Obama who for me was the most effective First Lady the US ever had, to my parents for the education and opportunities they gave to me, to Russell Brand who has a special place in my heart for the conversations he inspires and for being a Brit!”

Tricia provides her insight for achieving accomplishment in life and says “Never stop learning and surround yourself with people who are better than you. Humility is something most leaders need to embrace as just because you may be senior it does not always translate into you being the best. I love to read/listen/ watch others to get inspiration and will never stop doing so.”

She feels that her family is the core of her strength and spending time with her husband and two children form the real highlight of her life. Earlier all she wanted was to excel financially above all else but having recently remarried in June 2021 and having a much stronger family unit has given her a new motto, that is along with a successful career she wants to spend as much time with them as possible.

Her passions include fitness and as much traveling as possible. She attributes her professional ethics to being a National Level sportsperson in her earlier days that taught competition but also discipline. This was a big factor for her hiring professionals who had been involved in sports or who had traveled as it showed determination and willingness to take risks, particularly when in Australia. However, some of her best success stories in Asia have been consultants who are driven to provide for their families or as is the case in Singapore, to buy their first HDB flat.

Now in this Covid era, Tricia has found a place in her life where her personal and professional life are in sync. Every day kicks off with a morning workout and a coffee and she has found pleasure in the balance of spending half of her week in the office thanks to WFH now being an option. This work-life balance ensures she is effective as an Employee, Employer, Mother, Wife and Friend.

Tricia Liverpool proves to be a woman who left the comfort of her UK home in 1996, and 26 years later has a successful career in Asia and a wonderful family.

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