Archana Dhankar

An eager beaver with ripping presence on the internet

Amy Jo Martin has rightly said that “social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.” And Archana Dhandkar has certainly proved every word right in the course of her career. From being an engineering student to venturing her career in marketing and forging an entrepreneurial path as a content creator, Archana has given her career a nudge with her digital presence and inevitable growth in it.

Dreams have no boundaries, proved Archana who delved into her passion and made it her lifestyle, a luxury, fashion, makeup, and lifestyle content creator. Born in Faridabad, Archana stepped into the world of marketing and now has completed her fifteen years in the industry. After working in Delhi for a few years she moved to the UK and saw herself growing day in and day out. She embarked on her career as a digital marketing head in an agency while pursuing her Executive MBA from Warwick Business School in 2019. Her flair for fashion back from her school days led her to start blogs and maintain a presence on social media, later she founded Fashion For Royals in 2012, a lifestyle blog designed to empower women.

Despite successfully launching several start-ups and growing nascent brands into a well established company, Archana had the vision to help people get more out of their lives. Over the years, she has worked in marketing, social media, and fashion and has delivered amazing content. With the crucial steps she took in life, Archana has reached the pinnacle of success; marketing has helped her tell the story of the brands to the customers and bridge the gap between business and customer, and make things accessible, whereas social media has allowed her communicate with people more freely, “it’s the power of technology that we can today share our creativity and thoughts with millions of people worldwide” she says.

Growing up in India, and now, living in London, she has had a profound impact on my sense of style, consequently, she has been constantly exploring creative combinations that balance her love for Indian culture with global aesthetic.

She strongly believes that the work she is putting out on the internet has helped make a difference in the lives of her followers. And seeing the positive feedback on her work makes her look forward to it. She explains “I’ve been blessed having my family, my followers, and friends supporting me along the way. Having the opportunity to learn and explore and leaving an impact on the world is my greatest motivator.”

Along with being a master in her field, Archana likes to spend time with her family, go for walks, dance, and travel. Her busy schedule does not prevent her from taking time for cooking, which she considers to be a way to relax.

Sharing her wise words with the youth Archana quotes, “Never doubt yourself – it is probably the biggest obstacle between you and your vision. If you know what you want, go after it. Also, try to be very honest about your work. There comes a lot of responsibility when you’re communicating with an audience you don’t know and one should make sure that the message you put out there is authentic and easy to follow. Life is a marathon, not a sprint – you should plan for the long term and not sacrifice for short-term gains.”

An ardent woman working with diligence and unwavering dedication, Archana is a leading entrepreneur and a lifestyle influencer with a powerful figure who relentlessly inspire us on the value of passion and determination in life.

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