Belynder Walia

A Serene Entrepreneur With An Enlightening Power

Belynder Walia is a firm believer in openness and resilience. She is someone who lets go of the things that hold her back from achieving the desired outcomes. Belynder is a person who believes suffering serves no purpose; instead, she prefers to live in the present moment. How much time do you spend worrying about what you can’t change rather than what you can and should change? Belynder appreciates what is current and leads a more aware existence.

Belynder emanates from a gracious family. She has two incredible elder brothers and a remarkable older sister. Her parents used to own an Indian fabric business in London’s Liverpool Street. One of her sources of inspiration was watching them hustle. It taught her two epochs in life – when enterprises prosper and when they languish. Unfortunately, Belynder lost her father – she was nine years old at the time. Later in life, she was inspired to study psychology from this loss.

Belynder is a psychotherapist who specializes in managing anxiety. She assists those who require immediate, efficient answers to current difficulties that negatively affect their lives. Belynder supports clients from all walks of life, from stay-at-home parents/ caregivers C-suite corporates to celebrities and public figures. She has experienced the extremes of life, from living in comfort as an adored daughter to extreme lack. On reflection, it is an excellent realization of what life should ultimately be about — living each day in the present, consciously, and with integrity. As a result, she trained further in Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy to pursue a career enabling others to manage their anxiety and let go of anything that did not serve as a resolution. Belynder uses a variety of modalities that allow people to self-heal. Foremost, she aids them to improve effectiveness and then maintain their mental, emotional, and physical health utilizing all three of their brains (the head, heart, and gut). While working in a senior leadership role in education, Belynder’s psychology background allowed her plenty of opportunities to coach and mentor trainees. The projects then led her to train the trainers to be influential leaders. Over time, she realized that she had an aptitude for leadership in creating change. Thus, a turning point in her life began.

During this period, Belynder started Serene Lifestyles. In the initial stage, global internet behaviors were not the standard. But, she then recognized she is very adept at staying ahead of the curve in tools, approaches, and strategies to help people lead happier, more successful lives. As it is, Belynder is changing lives for the better every day!

Belynder says, “It is important to become more self-aware, self-accepting, and grow with self-love”. Despite the many hardships they faced in life, her mother Ravinder Walia taught her to be authentic, brave, grateful, and to become someone who follows their dreams.!

Belynder felt desperate and in debt when her spouse abandoned her. She recognized she needed to treat her mental, emotional, and bodily discomfort. She learned from the past, healed each day, and progressed via self-reflective therapy. Belynder has blessed us with some powerful insights on this – “Writing is a meaningful way to express my dreams, feelings, and how beautiful this life is. I am a writer and an author. Words, whether written or spoken, have saved me many times throughout my life, and positive words can help someone else when they are in the darkest moments of their lives.”

Despite her fears and insecurities from the past, Belynder is more than capable of providing superior mental health care for others with her phenomenal insights.

Despite her fBelynder was named one of the outstanding women of influence by Passion Vista magazine 2022. She suffered from anxiety but now knows how to find her way back more than ever. She has written several ebooks, fiction books, articles and is currently writing her first non-fiction book, ‘Fix Me’, about how one can safely become their own therapist. If anyone knows about leading a therapeutic life, it is Belynder.

The well-being of those around her is at the core of her purpose in life. Her next step is to make an online therapy academy a part of her business. In addition, she continues to support parents becoming more conscious and children safer. Finally, Belynder genuinely wants to help save lives, she volunteers to prevent suicide, and people overcome life’s traumas so they can live the life they deserve.

It is a continuous inspirational journey!

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