Bethany Perry

A powerhouse of positivity and resilience

A story of success against all odds, a tale of being in love with what we do makes the journey to achieve dreams plain sailing. All we need sometimes is a leap of faith, one such person who could accomplish this is Bethany Perry who didn’t let her trauma decide her destiny and went on to create a safe space for people who suffer from the same issues.

Bethany spent most of her childhood with the warmth and love of her parents and grandparents. One thing she recalls about them is how they loved and appreciated earth and mankind regardless of race, creed, color, or status, which also instilled in her personality. Although her later life segued her between marriage and children, the ambitious woman in her maintained an interest in natural health and the world’s food supply.

With a belief that tiding over personal issues is possible if one views it through the lens of compassion, Bethany Perry came out of her abusive marriage. Mother of 5 then moved to Nova Scotia to be a Business Development Manager for a new restaurant and opened her yoga studio. Moving without her family was one big decision but she feels it an act of providence that she bumped into people who changed her life forever. They helped her to fulfill the dream she wished for, since her childhood.

The journey of transformation started with her first Neuroscience Coaching Course which she learned from Dr. Mandy Wintink and her introduction to Iyenger yoga with her now long time teacher Leigh Milne and Fr. Joe Pereira, an Indian Catholic Priest, with whom she practices and completed his KRIPA Iyengar yoga training for addiction. But unfortunately, with the demise of her younger brother, Bethany had to move back to the states for her family.

She started working relentlessly for more than 15 hours a day in sales and toiled herself between her work and life. The overdo resulted in a stroke and 8 months later she found herself in a hospital. But her greatest glory is rising time with more power and resilience. She got back with more adrenaline rush in her, as she explains, “While in the hospital, I started studying in a nutrition coaching school. I read and studied everything I could; I intended to get my ‘brain back’. What I learned in Mandy’s course about the brain was paramount to my own healing…”

And in less than a year after the stroke, she started her own coaching practice utilizing what she considers to be the 4 pillars of wellness. The health of the brain and mind; the state of your emotional life; nutrition and the food we choose along with yogathe spiritual component to the connection of our bodies. “Diets do not deal with the root causes of our weight issues. This was so important to me because it is how my brother died. As with everything in life we can choose to discover and create something beautiful & good out of the difficult things that occur. Hence Whole Life Healing!”

In 2017, the transformational trauma coach created Whole Life Healing Centers, a nonprofit for those suffering from Trauma – specifically veterans, abuse & human trafficking. A place where those with PTSD can discover PTSG (post-traumatic stress growth). And in 2019 she started her coaching course; this too was to be in service of others.

With a belief that every human being has varying degrees of trauma. And a healthy change can only be achieved by approaching personal adversities through a compassionate lens. She creatively focuses on balancing powerful, fundamental, and often overlooked aspects of health, working with what she determines are the four pillars of a ‘Whole Life Healed’.

It is profound how Bethany works with CEOs, C-Suite Execs, Therapists, and Sports Elite to overcome the trauma and anxiety that incessantly plagues them. She calls it her ‘VIP Elite Service’ for high-profile individuals who often don’t know where to seek a crucial, private, and confidential expert..

The only aspect she takes home without a doubt is that whether she is working with a CEO or a drug addict, every human being needs to be understood and loved just as we are throughout our lives. This catapults true inner healing and affects all those around us.

Bethany Perry is a woman with immense warmth and passion for every human being to be loved. She brings it out from within, and in her spare time likes to gravitate it through the small things as she loves to cook, weave baskets, sew, garden and kayak.

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