Daphne Soares

An entrepreneur empowering moms to reinvent their lives, believe in themselves, and live their dreams.

With an uncanny ability to create and foresee the best in people and business, Daphne Soares’ work has made her indispensable in Business, Leadership, and NLP Coaching. With decades of experience from being in a 9-5 job to a homemaker, master’s catechist, counsellor, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, international speaker, and mentor, Daphne Soares has been able to connect to people globally from all walks of life.

Passionate about inspiring women globally, she got motivated to start her venture “Carousel Moms Business and Leadership Coaching”. Daphne confidently went on to create a coaching business to empower women to overcome limiting beliefs, grow in self-confidence wisely use their talents, gain financial stability, set healthy boundaries both at home and in the workplace, and live their dreams.

She stepped into business after a lot of in-depth research and study on the various techniques and skills that best suit the needs of her clients. She says, “Not all clients have the same mindset and one technique doesn’t work for all. Each client is unique and special. Each brings their own needs, wants, and abilities.” She has found that listening with an open mind, being non-judgemental, holding space, and building trust accompanied by her vast experience and knowledge have led clients to major transformation and success. She takes pride in their success. She conducts one-onone and group coaching both online and offline.

Daphne is also an awardwinning bestselling author, motivational speaker, andmentor. She is a certified professional from Australia, USA, UAE, India, and Pakistan in business, leadership, NLP, Time Line therapy Coaching and Counselling. But her story didn’t start off as a fairy tale, having left her 9-5 job after marriage and becoming a stay home mom, she saw her career getting to the back seat. She says, “I treasured every moment of raising both our kids personally with great love and care.” She shares that she has no regrets about this time well invested in the family and it was all worth it. But her tenacity and resilience didn’t allow her to let go of her dreams.

As her kids started settling down, she stumbled on a psychology course which triggered something deep within her. Beginning with discovering the Counselling Diploma, she began to probe deeper. “Above all, I could better understand how the human mind works, overcome stress, anxiety, fears, embrace situations with a smile, have a positive mindset which led me to a more healthy and happier life.” Following her gut, she stepped up and started sharing her story and today she is a world-renowned leader and motivational speaker.

As a successful entrepreneur, Daphne has been bestowed with many international recognitions, incorporating multiple business and leadership awards alongwith two honorary doctorates which include the hall of fame award, pride of performance, Fakr-e- Pakistan, and the international peace award. She was ranked among the Top 10 Female Coaches by Yahoo Finance in 2021 and has recently been graced with Guinness World Records Marathoner and has also ranked #7 among the Top Business Coaches in 2022 by The NYC Journal. Moreover, she has been recognized with Asia’s Outstanding Women Leadership and Mentoring

Award Malaysia – RULA and World Chamber, SHE Awards Top ladies in Business UAE, Elite Business and Leadership Award Philippines, Bangladesh Women’s Inspirational Awards 2022, and Women Icon Award in Coaching and Mentoring – Women’s International World Records and has had the honor to write a book with the global legend Les Brown.

Her greatest inspiration and role models have been her parents who held senior positions and were very focused yet made time for her and the family. Her mother E.C. Pinto was a Lawyer of the High Court and her father Frank Pinto the Senior Manager of Coordination and Planning. Professionally she is inspired by great speakers and coaches like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, John Demartini, Joe Dispenza, and John C. Maxwell to name a few.

As an inspiring women’s leader, we asked Daphne what brings her the greatest joy, to which she shares that her greatest joy is seeing the success and massive growth of her clients in business and leadership roles, growing in selfconfidence, overcoming limiting beliefs, saying YES to themselves and their dreams. Moms sacrifice so much for their children and family. It is important for a mom to maintain the right balance in her carousel of life and sync to the right rhythm. Be sure to take out some ME time atleast once a week. It is not being selfish but being able to re-energize and re-boost to give the absolute best to your family and clients. You will not do justice to yourself

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