Charmaine KM YAN (Zhen)

Founder of Bio-Genage Global Foundation Innovator | Metaverse Z Entrepreneur

Charmaine KM YAN is an entrepreneur who holds innovation at the core of her heart and learning as her driving fuel. She is the mastermind behind the successful ‘Bio- Genage’ which is a Natural Health Products Company that is championing the cause of DNA Repair Concept and Nutrition, anti-aging and antioxidants. She is a woman who demonstrates that everything can be achieved if you put your heart and soul into it.

An ardent quantum physics enthusiast and having a great interest in consciousness studies, she is currently studying and doing research in QHC at Quantum University Hawaii USA. She feels that quantum healthcare technologies are the new future and she would focus on that along with wellness and anti-aging. Charmaine is a firm believer in holistic healing which is mental, physical and spiritual upliftment and with the aid of guided meditation one’s work-life can be perfectly balanced.

Born in Hong Kong, she moved to Canada with her parents at the age of 11. After her graduation, she studied fashion design and was an Asian make-up model for Estee Lauder through John Casablanca’s model agency in Vancouver. Charmaine has since been back to Hong Kong as she missed her relatives, especially her beloved grandparents. While there, she landed a job as an Airport Officer with an airline which helped her travel to different countries, getting to know more people and cultures.

In 2000, she shifted to Shanghai as a student and researcher majoring in finance and business, It was there that she got an opportunity to join the Shanghai American Club as a Public Relations and Membership Manager. She met many high-level dignitaries, government leaders, and Forbes 500 investors.

As Charmaine has one beloved daughter, at weekend she enjoys spending more time with her outdoors and doing healthy exercises such as jogging, swimming or tennis. She feels that regular exercising has numerous benefits for children who rather just spend their time playing online games. She tries to create an optimal work-life balance as she feels it’s important to devote time to her child as it will create everlasting memories for them.

Charmaine also believes that women must play a more significant role in the future.“If you talk of strategy, I believe women should create a powerful hub of network with our different abilities and talents to bring transformative changes to entire communities and the world at large. We should create more social activities to support other women and inspire as many people as possible. A sound voice from women folk is important because we could do a lot to support our children, families and future generations,” she states.

Charmaine was also appointed a World Peace Ambassador in Canada for 2021 for the path-breaking work she and Biogenage are doing which has gained extensive global reach. She remarks “I feel I qualified owing to Biogenage’s trustable reputation as well as our good relations with different countries, which has encouraged them to promote healthier lives and ecoenvironment.”

At Bio-Genage Global Health, she and her team discovered that due to Covid 19, a wide array of people have experienced loneliness, depression, reduction in health levels, unbalanced life, feeling lost and a looming sense of karma around them. This gave Charmaine an awakening to the cause of spiritual healing as being an important pillar in a person’s health. She says “Energy healing could make our bodies maintain strong energy with our DNA codes. Tao and Dao theories could solve the unbalanced mindset and bodies. To increase our 7th chakras alignment is the major key. Therefore energy and spiritual healing are the biggest nutrients for humans also.”

Hence, Bio-Genage will present and promote more spiritual energy healing teaching, showing some guidelines and also medicine quantum technologies in Metaverse Videos. With this, she is trying to manoeuvre a new era for health healing with upgraded technologies in the near future.

Her new project Metaverse Z Art and Metaverse Z World are specialised to empower the youth generation globally. She remarks “My reason Bio-Genage needs to transform into the Bio- Genage Global Foundation, mainly focuses on the next youth generation, their future hopes, careers, lives, education and even their own health. This is the biggest mission we can gather up global help to build a good cycle for the next generation even in some poor countries.”

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