Yulia Lasmovic

Passion Vista takes pride in introducing to our voracious readers, the most charming and aristocratic, international model Yuliya Lasmovich from Russia who is making a big splash in USA these days. She has shown her multifaceted talent in projects ranging from lingerie company Madame Methven to LA and NY Fashion Week Runways, automotive shoots with BMW, Ferrari & Lamborghini, Piaget Jewellery commercials and much more. For such beautiful presentations, she has been published in magazines like Maxim, FHM, Esquire, Playboy, Sports Illustrated and GQ. She admits that she is driven by her artistic passion and the firm belief that it’s the most difficult moments in life that define you truly. When you love what you do, it makes you feel alive! XOXO

This beauty Queen who appeared in Playboy, Men’s Health, Sports Illustrated and FHM in 2016. She has many global followers on her @yuliyalasmovich Instagram account. Yuliya Lasmovich is a well-known Model across the globe and can be said that is highly acclaimed model as bikini body like hers, it’s no wonder she has landed on the covers of international men’s magazines like Maxim and GQ as well.

Photographer @Elm.diaz Model @Yuliyalasmovich Fashion stylist @Danielalamillo_Designer for yellow dress @jovanalouis Make up artist @glam.by.rina Hair stylist @carisadoesitall Pearl necklace @thetrendhaus Lingerie by @honeybirdette Hat by @thatdomepiece Style house @pr_solo

Dwelling into deep conversations with this Iconic Diva we found out some icy spicy details’ boys would love to kn

What do Eastern European guys have on us?
Eastern European guys spoil girls more. They bring flowers or candy on the first date, which is nice.

Do American men have any advantages?
American guys seem more excited because I’m from a different country. It’s more of a challenge for them.

So, what kind of guys are you into?
I like guys with short hair.

Got it. How else can a man turn you on?
If a man can be funny, that really turns me on.

Noted. How can a man turn you off?
I don’t like aggressive and rough guys.

When is a good time to approach you?
If I’m at the bar, waiting for my friend.

When do you feel sexiest?
When I wear red, my favorite color.

Do you ever dominate in the bedroom?
Yes, I like to be in charge. That’s for sure.

Good to know. Any last advice for men in bed?
Just be natural and let your girl surprise you.

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