Dr. Anil Kumar Misra

A Brilliant Mind and a Prodigious Leader

We’ve often heard, “Leadership is the capacity to translate the vision.” A person with ordinary skills doesn’t comply with this capacity. Dr Anil Kumar Misra is someone with a distinctive style of leadership. He accommodates everyone on the team to be their unique selves. It is rare to work with a leader who doesn’t micromanage. Dr Anil’s leadership style is indeed unique in itself. He believes in empowering those working with him by respecting their strengths.

The craft to give to others doesn’t come to people easily. Dr Anil holds the expertise of over twenty-three years with proficiency across sectors such as online/e-commerce, real estate, retail, BPO/ KPO, IT services, hospitality, and manufacturing. During this period, he was the CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) of one of the Fortune 500 New York Stock Exchange-listed company and also the CHRO of Indian Promoters-led consumer internet companies.

As a CHRO, Dr Anil has driven firms to the list of “Most Preferred Companies to work for in India.” With a list of people who thank him for his contributions, Dr Anil Kumar Misra hurdles forward to make a mark in various areas of his professional life. He has also earned significant global exposure for all facets of HR and organizational effectiveness, especially large scale organizational transformations throughout his professional journey.

Twenty-three years is a long time to not just survive, but also ace a competitive field. Over these years, Dr Anil has associated with top-listed companies such as Fidelity National Financial, Just Dial Limited, Tesco HSC, Patni Computer Systems Limited (CapGemini), Oberoi Hotels, and Denso. He maintains a track record of managing ten thousand employee base organizations with a team of about a hundred HR colleagues. Undeniably, he is a prodigy!

Dr Anil Kumar Misra’s consistency in strategic HR leadership, talent transformation, change management, performance management, leadership development, employee connect & communication, HR business partnering, mentoring, and best employer branding is remarkable.

But this isn’t enough for an intelligent mind with a soaring spirit. Dr Anil continues to set goals like wanting to bring a positive change in his colleagues’ lives. He desires to act as an enabler in their journey to become better professionals.

In his latest venture, a YouTube channel titled Dr HR, Dr Anil stole the show with worthy lessons to survive in the HR and management industry. The intent behind this visual initiative was to assist aspiring managers with productive tips and practical nuances of the management culture. We can credit the success rate of the channel to Dr Anil’s magic, wherein he could help over nine thousand management students merely within two months.

An achiever like Dr Anil is not scared of risks. He accepts how some of his adventures led him to abject failures but receives them as valuable learning. “The learning from my failures will make me stronger and wiser to not repeat them in the future.” Dr Anil thoroughly enjoys facing challenges that come with risks. He doesn’t mind exploring the newer sides of his personality. “Failures also broaden the way we find solutions.”

It wouldn’t be wrong to call Dr Anil Kumar Misra a “people’s person” who worries about those working with him. “No one cares about your age, years of experience, and designations in this era. What matters is ‘Did I make my colleagues’ lives easier?’” He makes sure to practice what he preaches.

There is no questioning of Dr Anil’s brilliant leadership skills. He suggests that the best characteristic one should have is to take people along with you. Leaving team members behind to focus on individual brilliance is a quality he condemns. Dr Anil gives his word that it is this very feature that has helped him derive massive business outcomes.

Dr Anil Kumar Misra’s compliant nature paves the way for young entrepreneurs who want to follow in his footsteps. According to him, Millennials have matchless potentials to bring fresh styles of functioning in the marketing world. “The GenZ is technically sound, has a functional skill standpoint, and can accept healthy competition as a part of their professional journey. If they lack anything, it is emotional intelligence.” Dr Anil hopes that the youth will take his advice about working on their EI to emerge as world-class leaders.

The HR star leader walks with the world and its changing work practices. He welcomed the idea of networking and taking work online, which helped him during the recent lockdown.

Dr Anil believes in NLP and visioning. His working process is an organized one, with three-year plans, short term goals, and quantifiable goals. Seeking feedback from peers and colleagues is a habit that keeps Dr Anil confident of his progress.

The University of Entrepreneurship and Technology, USA, awarded Dr Anil Kumar Misra with an honorary doctorate for excellence in the field of Human Resources Management. His other accolades include the CHRO of the Year award at the Golden Globe Tigers Award, Kuala Lampur, and Top HR Minds in India by the World HRD Congress. Dr Anil’s name is also in the list of 100 Most Talented Global HR Leaders and Top 18 CHRO’s to follow on Linkedin.

Dr Anil Kumar Misra is indeed a brilliant mind and a prodigious leader.

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