Dr. Achyut Rameshchandra Dani

The Jack of all Trades

Multi-skilled, resourceful, and beneficent, Dr. Achyut Rameshchandra Dani is a charismatic, young personality. He is amongst the group of people who can multi-task between being an educationalist, a dynamic entrepreneur, and a management consultant. Some people are born achievers. Dr. Dani resonates with this line. Ever since he set his foot into the education world, he became a choice for both government and nongovernment organizations to contribute as their chairman, president, secretary, and other such reputable positions. His hold in the understanding of education is such that people seek his presence nationally and internationally.

Presently, Dr. Dani is the Chairman of Braincraft Eduserve and Ventor Infrastructure. He is an in-demand face on news channels for his expert teaching and motivational skills. Additionally, he is a Key Resource Person (KRP) for the Gujarat Higher Secondary Text Book Board and a member of the Committee for Review of Education and Training (CRET) of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India. Even though he has progressed to become a Chairman, he continues to offer his educational service as a faculty member teaching accountancy. To top that, he is a part of the training of Income Tax Inspectors at DTRTI (Direct Taxes Regional Training Institute). Not to forget, Dr. Dani is also a practicing chartered accountant since the year 2003.

Those who dream to make other’s lives easier attract success. Dr. Dani forever visualized becoming an entrepreneur of multiple businesses to create large-scale employment. He has confidence that providing significant hiring will ultimately help build the nation. To take sizeable steps to achieve his dream, Dr. Dani ventured into various sectors of education, hospitality, real estate, and management consultancy. “I always wanted to create a business model that is self-sustaining and provides maximum possible employment,” he expresses.

Dr. Dani’s ideology of a business is idiosyncratic, “A business means something that benefits a massive number of people at once- the entrepreneur, the associates, the employees, and the customers.”

It is not every day that we come across head honchos who revolve their ideas around the benefit of a large number of people. An outstanding leader, he articulates how a person cannot effectively lead until they don’t learn how to follow. Even though he is at the top of the designation cycle, he continues to observe people wanting to learn something from their experiences. He explains it is essential for a leader to take responsibility for every action and yet have the heart to credit the entire team for success.

Entrepreneurs remain on the lookout to escalate their position in the industry. Dr. Dani puts forth the 3R formulae to accomplish this. “Relation, reputation, and revenue – if you build good relations and work towards improving your reputation, revenue follows.”

The very positive-spirited Dr. Dani doesn’t consider failures or mess-ups as a barrier. He theorizes that a true entrepreneur isn’t one who heads a company but is one who knows how to deal with disappointments and that too with grace. “Taking risks and trying something new is the essence of this entrepreneur life. Failure is a part of the risk. If you are ready for it, success awaits you on the other side -sooner or later,” says the jack of all trades.

Success came to Dr. Dani at a very young age, but nothing can take away from the fact that it was his endurance that brought him so far in life. As far as one is persistent in their dreams, age is just a number. Observing his reign as a leader so far, he communicates that “Patience” is a challenging leadership skill to acquire, and yet rewarding. Morals and ethics make one a good human, who, in Dr. Dani’s eyes, translates into a good leader.

While many would consider deadlines scary, this young director views them as a source to bring out the best in a person. Dr. Dani draws attention to how working cultures have changed focus from wearing formals to one’s performance.

As phenomenal as his ideologies sound, Dr. Dani’s spellbinding tips on becoming an influential leader continue to inspire many. “Learn, unlearn, and relearn – that’s simple and effective,” he adds to his list of suggestions to the aspirational youth of the nation.

A man with such tremendous teachings and contributions, especially to the educational world, is most fitting for plentiful recognitions. Some from his sea of awards include the Presidential Bharat Jyoti Award at the India International Center, the Bharat Gaurav Award in the field of education at a young age, and an Excellence in Education Award at AMA, CCS, by the VC of Gujarat University.

Dr. Dani, who has coached over eight-thousand chartered accountancy students, forty-thousand undergraduate students, and authored several educational books, holds an honorary doctorate in the field of Education Leadership and Management, Keisei International University, South Korea. He also has an Academic Doctoral from the Pacific University, Udaipur. Currently

It is indeed encouraging to learn from an exemplary person who achieved his well-earned dreams.

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