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A current of passionate energy!

Negative criticisms can do two things to a person-break them, or build them. Peter Cox, CEO of Leadership Dynamics, BBus, opted for the latter. It is pleasantly surprising how someone who faced reproach for his strong personality now stands powerful to refine thousands of people. Peter’s mission is to build stronger leaders to live better lives. He dared to start with just eleven dollars in his account.

Peter owes a lot to his mentor, a global entrepreneur, who shaped him into an individual who wouldn’t just dream big, but also leave no stone unturned to achieve it. “I wouldn’t be married today. I wouldn’t have the businesses I have today. I wouldn’t have written the books I’ve written, and I wouldn’t have the quality relationships I’ve built globally if not for my mentor!” Peter exclaims.

With strong mentorship and even stronger perseverance, Peter Cox is the proud owner of two businesses, one which is spread across twenty-eight nations and twelve languages. One who leads fifteen-thousand plus people globally is assuredly a perfectionist. No wonder firms and organizations around the world request him to become a part of their organisation to grow their leadership, people and culture implementing his Leadership Dynamics process. People appreciate Peter’s leadership skills, to the extent that he holds the position of a Leadership Advisory with several companies. He’s also a sought-after leadership keynote speaker globally.

Belief is all one needs to aspire and accomplish those aspirations. Peter’s passion lies in growing stronger leaders to live better lives. He believes that potent leadership skills polish one’s professional and personal life. He believes in a 3-pronged approach to Leadership, with each balancing the other and each equally important – 1. Strong leadership thinking, 2. A balanced and happy home life, and 3. Health and wellness. “What’s the point of having a thriving business and all the material things if you come home to an empty house at the end of the day because your marriage has fallen apart due to the long hours you’ve worked?, Or you drop dead of a heart attack at 45 because you’ve worked too hard with no rest?” says Peter. “It’s all about balance and fighting for yourself, and those you lead to live your best lives. A good leader will never fear to fight for this” he justifies.

Every successful person tastes some failure before they create dynamism in their industry. Peter’s story is no different. From an experience in the year 1996, when he trusted the wrong people and lost almost everything, he learned to develop trust-worthy intuitions before associating with people. All it took was trusting his instinct before he allied with another person miles away. It worked, and the rest is history.

From his story, Peter imparts the lesson of surrounding ourselves with positive leaders. It always has an impact on our decision-making process.

Peter Cox’s tips to energize and motivate his team are insightful. Firstly, he suggests sincerely edifying every deserving team member. It makes one feel important and pushes them to perform better every day. Secondly, he recommends sending personal notes to those who make valuable contributions to the business. He sends notes, e-mails, and video messages to his team members and family to recognize their efforts. The second habit has helped Peter build better and positive relations with people.

Planning plays a significant role in Peter’s life when it comes to achieving his goals. But if there is one thing that he swears by, it is one on one communication. He explains, “One on one communication leads to less confusion regarding our expectations from an individual. It guarantees accountability, builds mutual respect, increases trust, and empowers an individual. Your influence as a leader, thereby, surges.” Peter has done over 16,000 one on ones in his own businesses and for his Leadership Dynamics clients.

Communication also played a major role during the COVID-19 pandemic since companies started working remotely. Peter’s thirty-plus years of experience as an impactful leader bridged the gap between the management and the employees during this trying global phase. He taught people to communicate effectively even with distance and still create magic with their work. Not wanting to keep strategies to himself, Peter wrote a guide to help fellow leaders manage their businesses during the pandemic.

Some people make a difference in others’ lives, but very few are the difference themselves! Peter’s perennial commitment to reach out to a maximum number of individuals is a high-spirited vision. He recently launched an online leadership development program, Leading4Growth to help business owners around the world with strategies to become exceptional leaders to grow thriving businesses for the long term. Leadership can be lonely. “Leading4Growth is not just strategies from my 30+ years of business experience, it’s also a supportive community to back people in leadership” says Peter.

Peter worries that a major percentage of the next generation will follow Learned Leaders. Instead, he urges the youth to focus on developing the qualities of a Natural Leader and not make leadership an acquired skill. “Sometimes, the things you learn will not be applicable. You will have to go with your instincts, which can only come to you naturally.”

Saving the environment is always one of Peter’s priorities. In addition to his employees working from home and becoming a 100% paperless office, he deliberately seeks clients who’s passion it is to make a postive difference to the environment. One of his clients, The Usher Group, have developed The Wash Box, which has saved over ten million litres of water in this year alone and has prevented that same amount water from being polluted and released into environment. An amazing achievement.

Peter Cox’s leadership is a current of passionate energy!

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