Mangesh Amale

A Nimble, Courageous, and Independence-oriented Leader

People who start with less in life progress with a “never say never” attitude. Mangesh Amale embraced this attitude, thus, making a life his parents dreamed of for their son. Coming from a deprived family, he and his parents worked as laborers to make ends meet. But the strong-willed family didn’t want to succumb to these circumstances. Despite several challenges, he moved to Pune for his higher studies.

His efforts paid off with a job that could support his Master’s degree in Management, IT, and Cyber Security. After gathering enough experience and expertise, he set off to capture his dream by launching Velox Solutions Pvt. Ltd. a Company in the field of software and cyber security. Today, this dream enterprise has its branches spread across India and subsidiary in the USA by the name Velox Inc.

Velox operation is present in Dubai, Mexico, Srilanka, Nepal, and Zimbabwe.

Dreams do come true, but not without a relentless will and effort towards it. Mangesh is one, who soaked inspiration from successful entrepreneurs like Narayan Murthy, Mr. Aditya Puri, and Steve Jobs. Their distinct leadership styles and his own experiences urged him to become a conclusive leader, wherein he likes to take people along as he achieves his milestones. In this context, he says, “I’d describe my leadership style as nimble, courageous, and independence-oriented. My team has complete authority to seek exciting ventures, to tap into different ideas and discover new possibilities.”

Being a keen observer, Mangesh noticed how his parents’ work in the farming field depended on staying in the faith of nature for fruitful produce. He accepts how he also makes investments as a risk-taker and awaits for the yields in credence.

Mangesh’s venture, Velox Solutions Pvt Ltd., also began with the risk of him resigning his job in the year 2010. Since then, he encountered a number of hardships, but not strong enough as his resolution to be a successful entrepreneur.

The ultimate mission of Mangesh’s journey is to make Velox a prominent name in the area of cyber security across the globe. What started as a wish to save people from cyber threats and attacks is now surging to define comprehensive cyber security to clients around the world. His missions include taking his team of employees and leaders to the next level of their career opportunities. A leader, who can focus on not just his growth but the overall growth of his team, is a sensational personality to work with.

Life is not all about success, failure is nature’s plan to prepare you for future responsibilities, and that is the opportunity to begin again. Mangesh knew right from the start that if he let business risks scare him, he wouldn’t reach half of where he is today. So with firm steadfastness, he devised the theory of falling and standing right back up for his entrepreneurial journey too. “I quickly learned that ‘playing it safe’ meant I was suffocating my business growth. I was making small gains, but they weren’t enough to bring my company to the next level.”

Taking risks isn’t as easy as it sounds, but embracing the fact that it is a part of every business helped him make feisty decisions. Quite evidently, it paid off!

Leadership isn’t easy. You can have all the talent in the world but cannot rise into a management position if you don’t have definite abilities. Learning to delegate appropriately was one of the strenuous leadership skills for Mangesh to learn. Leaders need to delegate responsibilities that followers can handle but not overload them with too much. Even though it took time, he got the knack of doing this the right way.

Deadlines are the mantra of optimum potential realization. For Mangesh, time management and team management is the solution to meet all deadlines. “I advise my troops to learn from Indian Mothers. The way Indian mothers manage their time, if achieved, can do wonders for any professional.”

At Velox, they create process orientations , templates to monitor work functions. Mangesh finds it smoother to master goals in a way that satisfies an employee without loosing emphasis on the products.

At present, Mangesh’s savior company is planning for a big project adding stupendous innovations and technology skills with corporates & BSFI. It will set a significant impact globally with technical support services through his team.

This self-motivated leader’s contribution towards the cyber security won him the prestigious “UdyogShree” and “Shiv Janmbhumi Gaurav” award. CIO review magzine awarded his Venture with the “Company of the Year 2018” honor. His great invention in the cyber security domain received much appreciation from the US Government, who invited Mangesh to commence a business in the USA. Also Asian-African Chambers of Commerce Awarded them with “Excellence in Innovation & Technology 2020 -2021”

He devotes himself to various social causes like cancer patients’ welfare, environmental protection, education, and also during the COVID 19 pandamic various social activities.

Mangesh Amale is an inspiration to every person who finds their present circumstances a dead end!

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