Lion Dr. Kiron

The Lion with a Daredevil Attitude

Some privileged people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. But not everyone dares to sacrifice their cushy lives to find their true selves. Even though the son of a senior civil engineer, Lion Dr. Kiron, wanted to mold while facing the realities of the harsh world. After working at the ground level for almost two decades, he could launch his motorcycle diaries experience a la Che Guevara. He wanted to herald a revolution in the realty domain. With the passion to empower the end customer, Lion Dr. Kiron has come as far as heading a conglomerate that’s a subject matter expert to a host of state and union governments.

One who believes in democracy enables freedom to grow. This revolutionary leader practices the democratic or inclusive type of leadership. Lion Dr. Kiron strongly believes in guidance, mentorship, and providing the right direction to his team. With experience, he patented his own style, called the K’style leadership. He elaborates on this, “It’s an optimum mix of eclectic styles of leadership – charismatic, transformational, transactional, supportive and democratic.” Lion Kiron, the leader, never demands but commands respect and loyalty.

With a hundred percent success rate, Lion Dr. Kiron, an eccentric personality, has proved that due diligence and incisive analytical skills can avoid failure. According to him, not taking any risk is the biggest risk of a person’s life. And so, as one sheds the fear of a risk’s outcome, they’ll close all doors for failure. It is this daredevil attitude that has paid of Lion Dr. Kiron’s life’s handsome dividends.

Giving honest and candid feedback is one of the most significant traits of a good leader, according to this lion leader. Lion Dr. Kiron doesn’t believe in bossing around but in reinforcing the workforce through a variety of motivational techniques. Learning to accept honest feedback, knowing the perfect time to speak up, and of course, effective delegation are some of the rudimentary tenets a good leader should embrace. All these together add up to his K’s style of leadership.

Regrets and Lion Dr. Kiron do not co-exist in the same room. Be it in his professional life or personal, it is always his endeavor to set self-imposed conventions to stay one step ahead. After working on the ground-level for two decades, he learned that leadership is all about investing in people and ideas.

Being a technology-driven organization, Lion Dr. Kiron and his team have the required wherewithal to stay connected with all relevant stakeholders at all times. “It’s all about the game-changing initiative of making the workforce feel connected irrespective of real-time interaction. We have deployed a virtual ecosystem that facilitates uninterrupted interaction between all the stakeholders.”

Lion Dr. Kiron has a strategized approach to enable exhausted employees to regain vigor and motivation. Short cuts aren’t everyone’s thing, and he agrees! Under his inspiring leadership, his team invests a lot of time and resources in managing employee perceptions of leadership effectiveness, trust in senior management, and employee recognition. Constant reminders of the company’s unified goals help people of all ranks stay motivated to achieve their tasks. But, Lion Dr. Kiron is among the very few who doesn’t just focus on work productivity but also on having fun at work. “We involve families of employees to boost collective employee morale.”

A thought leader like Lion Dr. Kiron can only devise one of the best working templates for a company. In collaboration with the senior leadership, he has created a strategy template. “Heads of CRE teams are primed to collaborate with the C suite to support long-term strategy. Through self-assessment, leaders analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the team.” Several stakeholder groups implement this strategic plan to drive alignment and ensure commitment in their daily tasks. Such a planned working pattern strikingly explains the reason for his company’s success ratio.

Lion Dr. Kiron is all for “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” Protecting the environment is part of his fundamental mandates. Some of his steps towards being a Green Earth Crusador include switching to renewable energy, increasing lighting efficiency across offices & ventures, reducing energy usage, optimizing heating/cooling systems, reduction of emissions from food & waste, banning plastic usage, and minimizing printing to name a few.

All of Lion Dr. Kiron’s ventures are technology-infused, lifestyle-enhancing, and value for money projects which are also eco-friendly. All his projects are powered by a unique concept where all the floors would be having exclusive business centers, recreation areas, lounges, and green spaces in tandem with cutting-edge technological connectivity. “We are striving to pioneer futuristic lifestyles by deploying ultra-sophisticated digital infrastructure across all our ventures.”

Being someone who took the risk of starting from ground zero to becoming an effective leader, and does his bit to reduce carbon footprints, unquestionably has the power to fulfill his dream of unveiling the future in the present!

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