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A cognizant leader and author who has touched thousands of lives with the power of empowering words. Someone who cares and enlightens people everyday. Coming from a family of ten brothers & sisters, Rosa L. Antonini spent her childhood growing up in the Dominican Republic. Rosa feels lucky to be from the first generation in her family who could have a college education. Intriguingly, her college degree was not valid in the United States. So, she started working for minimum wage as a cashier at a cheque-cashing store while going back to school to learn computer programming. She then continued her education by receiving a master’s degree in information systems. Today, she is the author of the life-changing book ‘The Zero-Sum Game of You’. Her mission with this book is to empower people internally to take control of their lives, but also to sponsor training programs to enable young adults with useful skills so they can build a better future.

Rosa L. Antonini has a compelling point of view towards her profession. She firmly believes that most tasks in life are difficult in the beginning. It can be overwhelming too. Especially with no financial or emotional support. The only available resource is a dream with no feasible way to attain it. She says, as an immigrant, there were some extra challenges as well. Being able to communicate effectively while learning the language is one of them. It can affect your self-esteem and confidence regardless of the amount of knowledge you have. However, Rosa was not someone who easily gives up. Despite experiencing all sort of monetary scarcity, mental and verbal abuse, depression, and the loss of many of her loved ones; she kept moving. She says that everyone will experience downs in their lives that will cause them pain. “These experiences should not be a competition of who has had more pain. The pain can only be experienced by the person that has it and the only way to overcome anything is to keep forging ahead knowing that the coin will always flip”.

On asking how she maintains the equilibrium of her professional and personal lives, Rosa insightfully replied, “I have always been a family person. I had my first child while doing my master’s degree and working fulltime. I was only sleeping 2-4 hours every day for a couple of months and there was one week I remember that I had only about two hours of sleep over 48 hours. On that morning while I was on the bus to work, I was suddenly struck with fear because I couldn’t remember whether I had left my daughter at home alone or brought her to the babysitter. Thankfully, she was with the sitter. Through that experience, I learned the need to balance my life while clearly understanding my priorities and goals.”

Rosa L. Antonini is the epitome in terms of women’s empowerment. Rosa has seen the curve of organizations adopting a better culture for women. However, she believes there is still a long way to go. Twenty years ago, within the technical field, it was not easy to find a company that would allow any form of telecommuting. However, now there are many opportunities to choose from. Some companies are leading the charts by putting efforts to bring diversity, equal pay, and equal rights for women.

Rosa is someone who works adamantly for the goals she has set out in life. She is a firm believer of determination. Let’s hear her strategy for life in her own words, “No matter what role you have or aspire to have, ‘Always be determined.’ The journey is simpler and more manageable if you enjoy what you do at work. However, your level of satisfaction and self-fulfilment will increase tremendously if you concentrate on adding value to others’ life on everything you do. As a woman, mother, wife, and worker in the STEM field, it is crucial to have clear objectives and priorities before committing to any role. I believe we are responsible for achieving the best future for us. If you are unhappy with your current situation, make changes and be part of the solution. Success and happiness can mean different things for women, and this is perfectly ok.” That is some wise piece of insights from a magnificent author.

Asking about what she loves the most, Rosa without a minute’s thought responded, “spending time with my husband and children”. Plus, she enjoys the compelling beauty of rivers and nature.

As a final piece of note, Rosa L. Antonini shared with us her secret mantra to a joyful life. She believes, gratitude is the pathway to oneness. Gratitude and self-fulfilment can do wonders that can only be experienced with time. The power to make it happen is within yourself. Silencing the mind, curiosity for the truth, learning, and adding value to others are key factors for an individual’s success.

Truly a significant leader, someone we all should look up to!

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