Roberta Torresan

Undaunting woman carving her niche in the Italian history Destination Wedding Planner

Brimming with history, art, and great hospitality, Rome is considered the ideal city for a destination wedding. Couples dream of getting hitched in the Italian capital for a mesmerizing wedding, what adds a bling to the most awaited day of their life is the expertise and unique approach of the wedding outlook. Roberta Torresan is a leading professional in luxury destination weddings who has established herself internationally as a top wedding planner working on the most exclusive and famous venues. Roberta is also known for founding the 1st Wedding Business School in Italy, Wedding Planners Pro.

The roman citizen looks back at her story unravelling like dream in itself. From working as a shopping centre manager at an early age to realizing her inner calling and switching off to pursuing a wedding planner course. Roberta Torresan’s life unfolded like a fiction story. She toiled hard and paved her way through the pinnacle of success.

She knows how important your big day is and she will go above and beyond to make it magical. Roberta counts her family and friends as the key contributors to her success, who held her hand during the beginning steps of her career.

Roberta’s undaunting personality is one highlight of her life and career that speaks about her before she does herself. She believes that challenges are a fundamental part of life and they encourage us to come out as who we really are. “I always trust my inner instinct, on which I build relationships and goals. Certainly, there is no lack of dedication and as far as possible I always try to ward off fear with small challenges that I can easily conquer. I always give myself two rules even when a day or a situation puts me to the test, think positively, and analyze all points of view. Giving in to discouragement must be the last choice.” says Roberta.

Maintaining a work-life balance is one inevitable issue in everyone’s life. However, Roberta doesn’t believe the same as she maintains a healthy balance between her work and personal life, “I realized with my experience that the only way to avoid regrets is to build a close-knit team to whom I can entrust the work with the utmost confidence, without drowning in worries and stress. And a way out to be present with my family, with my young son, and to dedicate quality time to myself.”

The kingpin of success and determination, Roberta knows that the Italian corporate culture has a long way to go in order to include women 100% and it is no secret that women, especially in some moments of their life, are often penalized. But she also believes that things have changed and so is the approach of workingwomen who themselves have adopted it. It’s been seen that there is greater self-awareness, a keen interest in defending own rights, and the courage of not giving up on bigger dreams.

As a wedding planner, it’s natural for Roberta to be a creative mindset coach. But when asked to paint her ideas about the strategies she follows for a successful career, the professional stated, “There are no strategies. If you want to achieve a goal you have to believe in yourself, and stick to your own values. Let your work talk. And don’t stop believing in the meritocracy.”

Her journey as a leading destination wedding planner has just not provided her with international recognition but helped her bag the ‘ELLE International Bridal Awards’

With the success and appreciation, she received a victorious mind which is why Roberta has never considered being a woman as an obstacle and on the contrary has always made sure that her work could not leave room for easy commonplaces. Today, she is at this juncture in her life where she has achieved something that she never thought she would. During the tough time of the pandemic, Roberta never stopped and is full of ideas that helped her to build more in life.

Sourcing strength from the woman around her, she never had a particular role model, Roberta was inspired by every talented and courageous woman she met on her path who was capable of giving her something to learn.

Roberta’s message for the youth is to never forget who we are, our essence, our roots. As it implies our ability to stick to our own authenticity. That’s the only way you can truly be the “commander of your ship”.

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