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Ms. Karishma Atul Shah, Founder & Director, Pronto Consult, An Expert In Market Research, Strategy And Perception in Healthcare, shares her inspiring story.

Karishma Shah, Founder & Director, Pronto Consult, was born in Mumbai, done her schooling from Gopi Birla Memorial School, holds a degree in Bachelor of Pharmacy from MET, MBA in Pharmaceutical
Management from NMIMS and most recently a Doctor of Excellence in the field of “Management from University of Entrepreneurship and Technology – USA”

She has learned Risk taking ability, to go by gut feeling and never give up attitude from her father, Atul Shah, a CA by profession. To be strong and keep going through ups and downs whether the financial or emotional struggle is what she inculcated from her mother, Dina Atul Shah. Her younger sister, Krisha Shah, currently pursuing CA is the apple of her eye whose positivity, warm hug and smile keep her going in any adverse situation.

A highly qualified professional with robust experience in the healthcare sector, Karishma has been a leader for sustainable growth in every organization. Spearheaded the development and demonstrated expertise in Pharmaceutical Marketing, adept at evaluating existing processes and procedures for redundancy and design new processes to match market dynamics, analyze critical customer issues for identifying trends and implement effective strategic plans for minimizing business impact leading to profitability.

She was instrumental in launching the AWACS AWARDS in Marketing Excellence, a first in India for the Brand Awards in the Pharmaceutical sector. Achieved great success when she worked with IQVIA through SNA & New Offerings. She was also instrumental in bringing several companies after a gap of many years from the competition back into IQVIA fold. In her six years with AIOCD AWACS, she handled Indian & MNC clients with ease which includes companies like Sun Pharma, Alkem, Abbott, Mankind, Micro Labs, Janssen, Galderma, Blue Cross, Mckinsey & Co, BCG to name a few. Her greatest achievement was to get promoted as DGM – Business Intelligence within a short span of time, achieving
continuous targets for 7 Years & also being the Master of Ceremony during a product launch.

Karishma lives by “Don’t be afraid to have a strong, unusual opinion. You can’t please everybody, so you have to be pleased with what you do.”

She is a seasoned leader capable of providing direction to internal teams, managing cross-functional training, increasing operational productivity and enhancing client satisfaction. Dedication, continuous follow-ups, keen-ness to learn and to achieve what she has she has set out for is what describes Karishma. Her dream to turn an Entrepreneur came into reality through Pronto Consult, a start-up, spread across India, Nepal, and UAE, providing a basket of solutions that makes companies more efficient to get a competitive advantage in the market. Describing her 1st-year post-launch Karishma shared, “We could reach to 75% of our planned list and we could convert a significant amount into the business.” They specialize in offering long term solutions for progressive, futuristic organizations in India & Abroad. Reaching beyond the board room talks & glossy presentations, their consulting goes alongside a strategic direction , with an impact on profitability. Innovative Projects, Partnerships are spread across India, UAE & Nepal within a short span of time have been the turning point in our business.

She has an illustrious career and has been conferred many awards, a few being 2017- Collective Team Performance Award for SNA, IQVIA, 2017- Collaborate Award for SME LITE, IQVIA, 2018 – AMESA Award for Excellence in Innovation Team Award for SNA, IQVIA and 2020 – Doctor of Excellence in the field of “Management from University of Entrepreneurship and Technology – USA”

Stating her Mission 2030, Karishma shares: “Pronto Consult is a dedicated consulting firm focused on the health care industry & our Mission 2030 is to specialize in offering long term solutions for progressive, futuristic organizations in India & Abroad.”

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