Mr. Vinit Srivastava


Mr. Vinit Srivastava, the founder of the leading Preschool chain, shares his story on spreading unique education models at elementary stages pan India and Overseas.

An MBA from IIM Calcutta, Vinit worked with Corporate Industry for close to a decade at senior leadership positions. He always believed and led his segments with passion and integrity, like his very own business. Apart from his grueling workdays, he took time and indulged in an education venture along with his wife, Kopal.

They identified a huge potential in moulding young minds towards multiple intelligence. Market study and Research made them pen their ideas of a unique pre-school for little geniuses. The qualitative data indicated that pre-schoolers have 90 percent chances of utilizing their complete brain potential, provided they are guided to the process at an early age.

They spent initial days focused on the research and development, followed by making product market-ready, while ensuring that the team involved seeing value being generated for them and society. Once they were convinced about their product was of global standards, they shifted to focus on growth strategy and have been growing 100% year on year since.

They are the pioneers in introducing ‘coding’ and ‘foreign languages’ in their preschool brand- Little Einsteins and ‘design thinking labs’ in their International K12 school brand, Sebille. The couple is now global leaders in early childhood education, using 21st-century skills, Multiple Intelligence and STEAM integrated into the pre-school curriculum.

Little Einsteins are the largest chain with 90+ preschools now, incorporated in 2008, spanning across 27 cities. Having an international presence in 8 countries including the United States of America, Finland, Nepal, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Estonia, and the Philippines. The curriculum across ‘Little Einsteins’ is based on a child-centered approach and encourages teachers to provide opportunities for children to be critical, creative, and divergent thinkers. Little Einsteins uses technology like Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to ensure personalized learnings and focused on STEAM and nurturing 21st Century Skills.

The dream began with the simple aim of ensuring that the kids are prepared for the future. Vinit recalls, ‘We both focused on understanding what would be the need for the future and how do we change our education system to ensure the beginning is right for our kids’.

They started their unique pre-schools very small and stuck to being a few units for multiple years. This was a conscious decision, for they desired to have a controlled environment to experiment, iterate and enhance the product/tool. They soon began seeing improvements in the development of kids and started getting rave reviews from their parents and partners. Thereafter the sky became their limit, and once ready, they launched in over 27 cities and soon came to be recognized as one of the top preschool chains
in India and only chain to expand into the U.S.A, the UK, Scandinavia, and few other countries.

The key differentiator is their customized, personalized, well-researched content and curriculum, which has been appreciated by education leaders across the globe. Their second biggest U.S.P has been their approach to growth. Their ‘Partners First’ approach is always focused on ensuring the success of the franchisee first and treating them as true business partners. This has helped them grow and expand in a sustainable manner.

In a private interview, with Passion Vista, we enquired about any Government Policies that affect the pre-school education industry, to which they replied, that there seem to be bureaucratic hurdles, and different regulations across varied states that can be streamlined, while a national policy in pre-school education might work best for the industry and the nation.

They focus on improvising their tool/product to make it more suited for preschoolers, by studying the global markets, research and implementing the learnings from those markets. It helped ensure to bring the best of education practices available to all, across any part of the globe. Vinit is excited about being part of an education venture that is helping kids develop holistically and participate in building global citizens who are future-ready.

Mr. Vinit Srivastava’s Mission 2030 is to make best-inclass education accessible, affordable and available, anytime across the globe for kids.

Their preschool chains have been affiliated to international education councils, and have been recognized and awarded globally. Some of their achievements include, ‘Top Preschool Chain in India – consecutively for 3 years 2019,2018,2017; ‘Best upcoming Preschool brand in Asia’ – 2019; ‘The most Innovative curriculum in India’- 2018, ‘Best Franchisee Model in preschool’ – 2018 and many more.

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