Mamta Binani

A Leader Making an Impact With Her Brilliance

With a multitude of accomplishments throughout her career, Dr. (h.c.) CS Adv Mamta Binani is a national treasure and an inspiration for all. She is the National Past President of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) for the year 2016. Being the second woman President of ICSI in the 52 year history of the institute, she also has the remarkable feat of being India’s first registered Insolvency Professional.

Today, as a practicing lawyer and insolvency professional, Mamta handles business portfolios from the planning to the execution stage. She focuses on corporate laws like Companies Act, FEMA, business laws, insolvency laws, competition, RERA. As of today, this impactful lawyer is deeply focused on the space of reconstructing and rejuvenating corporate bodies.

In her formative years, she was a hardworking and diligent student and studied tirelessly to become a company secretary in 1995. Mamta became the all- India-topper amongst all other females in the intermediate exams and stood 14th overall. Soon her passion and love for studying and practicing law increased many folds. Having a prolific twenty-three years of experience as a company secretary, she is currently practising as an Advocate having made her dream come true.

Mamta is proud of her strengths of honesty, tenacity, and an optimistic approach to life. Her ability to be at peace with herself at all times is one attribute that helps her navigate through the good and difficult periods in life. She keeps her head high in times of adversities with a firm belief that she has always done her best. Mamta feels that focusing on happiness is the way forward to overcoming any obstacle in life.

She carries her strengths as her pride and acknowledges that weaknesses and mistakes are part and parcel of life. She says, “A person is bound to make mistakes. I also make my share of them, but it only makes me better. Today, I’m glad that my mistakes are learnings for my colleagues with whom I love to share my experiences.”

It wasn’t a smooth sail throughout as she found it difficult to make a name for herself in the industry but she treated work as worship and every client as God and eventually got recognition in her field of work. She was poured with job opportunities but she stuck with her instincts and followed her passion to lay the foundation for her enterprise. This prompted her to study about the corporate world with close quarters and take the necessary plunge.

Numerous achievements and awards were bestowed to her including the Tejaswini Award in the year 2010 for bringing change in the social sector and empowerment of women. She has been conferred with the ‘The Sculptors Bhavishya Ke Shilpakar Awards-2020’ in recognition of her contribution to society. She has won the Insolvency Law Award Winner (India) for 2020 by the International Advisory Experts. She is the first Indian to have been endowed with the prestigious award of ‘IWIRC Women of the Year in Restructuring (Asia) Award, 2021’. She was awarded with the Asian African Leadership Awards in Legal & Professional Services. ‘Wah Zindagi’ has featured a telefilm on her journey which is widely viewed on YouTube.

Mamta likes to keep herself updated with the latest developments in the arena of laws and has an unassailable belief in the government machinery to properly run the country and she feels it is her duty to accentuate the efforts of the Government by taking it to the masses and classes. She is also heavily involved in the Insolvency space and is a regular writer, speaker and thought leader. Her passion is reflected in her life as she focuses on her work and likes to push her own boundaries.

Her husband Sumit has stood by her like a rock and has embraced Mamta’s ambition as his own. She is content with her life and considers her family as her most prized possession. She feels grateful to the people who have stood by her and have been part of her incredible journey. Her never give up attitude and unending optimism are the core strengths that have made her a woman leader by showcasing that if you have your mind set on something then anything is achievable.

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