Lisa Moore

A High-Powered Leader On A Mission to Aid Others

Lisa Moore is a tremendous leader who has a mission to make the world a better place. She is the CEO and founder of ‘Success Tangent’, a company that helps people achieve their goals. Her life journey is a dynamic story and she is a personality that we all should look up to.

Lisa grew up in a military family, which meant that she had to move often and leave friends behind. But she also got to experience new cultures and meet new people with each transition. This gave her a strong desire to understand people and to befriend them from different cultures when moving to new places. Lisa graduated high school from an international school in the Netherlands. She was always interested in helping people achieve their goals, so she started ‘Success Tangent’ as a way to do just that. And it’s been successful beyond her wildest dreams! Lisa loves being able to help others reach their goals and change their lives for the better.

In the early phase of her career, she had to go through some rough patches. She was starting to feel like giving up, it seemed as though everything was going against her. The business was taking too long to get off the ground and she kept getting rejection letters from marketing agencies. She had taken out a loan from her retirement account in order to start the business and now it seemed all for naught. Lisa had to sacrifice travel time to see her family that lives out of state in order to run the company with a small support staff. In the early days of the company, she worked weekends at her old job to help cover personal and business expenses until she could get some traction in the market. But then something amazing happened: one of the marketing agencies agreed to work with her on a very limited budget. She was ecstatic! Finally, things were moving in the right direction.

When asked about her work-life balance, Lisa responded that she had always been a workaholic, but now that she was married, she made it a point to leave the office at a reasonable time each night. Her husband was always there to remind her that it was “quitting time” so they could spend some quality time together. She loved him for that.

Lisa Moore has some insightful views for women leaders in the workplace. She strongly believes that there is still a lot of progress to be made when it comes to gender equality in the workplace. Women are still being penalized for having families or needing to take time off to care for sick children, school events, etc. They are viewed as not corporate-minded enough if they want to have both a family and a career. Women should be able to have both a successful career and a fulfilling family life if they choose. We need to create workplaces that are more accommodating for working mothers, and that value their contributions as much as anyone else’s.

Lisa had always been passionate about people. She loved helping them feel inspired and valued. It was something she longed to do, and she found great satisfaction in it. However, society tended to view people in a different light. They were often seen as victims, rather than individuals with the potential to grow and thrive. Lisa was determined to change that mindset. She wanted to help people move into a growth mindset space where outcomes were just a benchmark to track progress over time, rather than something to be defined by.

As Lisa looked back on her life, she couldn’t help but feel proud of all she had accomplished. Lisa had always been a driven person, and that was what had led her to success in business. She had a knack for people operations, HR, and corporate training. She had used that knowledge to start her own company. But Lisa’s accomplishments didn’t stop there. She was also an executive contributor to BRAINZ Magazine, and in 2021 she had won the BRAINZ 500 Global 2021 Award.

When requested for some powerful success insights for our young audience, Lisa responded delightfully. She stated, “So many times we get caught up with trying to find that magic recipe for success along our journey, that we forget what is important. Help others – make it a priority to help and give back to others now. We are all in this together.”

Only an extraordinary personality can bless us with such gracious words!

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