Louise Siwicki

Miracle Mindset Coach for women and men facing infertility

Louise Siwicki is a Miracle Mindset Coach in the field of infertility. Having suffered for six long years with infertility issues herself, Louise knows first hand what it takes to overcome stress and achieve your dream of parenthood.

Louise’s journey began in Sydney, Australia. She has one brother, who has Down Syndrome, and is Louise’s biggest inspiration in life. In 2000, Louise finished her schooling and obtained a Bachelor of Business Degree in 2004. She then spent the next seven years travelling the world with her now husband. They came home and settled in Brisbane, Australia, and that’s when her life started to derail.

“We suffered through six long years of infertility issues, my mental and physical health declined and as a result, I found myself unable to succeed at all in a professional sense”, she reveals.

Louise sought professional support and guidance to help reprogram her unconscious mind and get to the root cause of her problems. It took commitment, determination, focus, hope and belief, but she did it! Soon, she fell pregnant naturally with her first miracle son and today, she is the mother of three beautiful children.

“The mind can be our most powerful asset or our most powerful enemy. Mastering my mindset and rewiring a lifetime of limiting beliefs has helped me overcome the paralysing fears blocking me achieving the happiness I desired. I now truly believe I am worthy of success and as a result have the confidence, drive and determination to back myself and my business,” shares Louise.

In 2020, Louise decided to use her personal experience to help others, and trained to become an NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Timeline Therapy® Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

“My passion to help others stems from my own turbulent journey to fall pregnant. I understand the need to feel supported though this incredibly stressful time. With infertility on the rise around the world it is my life’s mission to reach and support as many people experiencing infertility issues as possible,” says Louise with feeling.

Today, Louise offers specialised coaching programs for infertility, pregnancy and motherhood. She’s an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine and was awarded a prestigious position on the Brainz 500 Global list for 2021. She’s also the author of ‘The Secret to Getting Pregnant is Not Just in Your Body but in Your Mind’, and was handpicked as an Inspirational Speaker at the ‘Woman to Success Conference’ in Sydney, January 2022.

Empathetic and inspirational herself, Louise in turn is inspired by women who have risen above adversity to achieve greatness and help create change in the world. For instance, Jacinda Ardern, Oprah Winfrey and Louise Hay – All very different women from very diverse backgrounds, yet all have achieved success and greatness in their careers.

How does Louise aim to achieve success and balance in her career? “Achieving balance starts with the correct mindset, planning and structure. I know exactly what needs to be achieved each week on the home and work fronts and I create a plan as to how this will happen.

Of course sometimes life happens, and then you need to go with the flow and prioritise what needs to happen in that moment,” she answers.

Family is the cornerstone of Louise’s world and she built her business with the intention of not missing out on her kids growing up. She considers it important to be a very present and available wife and mother.

Just as important as she finds ‘me-time’. “Finding me-time between balancing family and work life is very important. I am a much better wife, mother and business owner when I make time for myself. I love the outdoors, the beach and adventure. My favourite time of the day is sunrise. Whenever I get the opportunity, I can be found at the beach, finding a new walking track, or doing a yoga class,” she says.

Determined and committed, Louise’s self belief and laser sharp focus has seen her emerge as a respected voice in her field.

As someone who’s found her mantra for success, what message does she have for our readers? “Master your Mind or your Mind will Master You. Our unconscious mind is responsible for 95% of our mind’s processing power. Potentially a lifetime of negative programming and limiting beliefs has left you unable to move forward in a personal or professional sense. You will not even be aware of it consciously until a physical symptom such as an illness or disease presents itself in your body or you find yourself stuck and unable to progress in life in some way. Turn the page and start today, it is never too late!” suggests Louise.

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