Lisa J Crawford

Executive Leadership Coach, International Author, Impact Speaker and Life Coach with a Heart of Gold

When life throws a curveball we can either duck from it or play hard, we always have a choice. Lisa J Crawford turned her life’s hardships into the strength to achieve all her dreams. She is an Impact Speaker, Best Selling/ International Author, Executive and Life Coach wrapped up into one powerful voice.

Her formative years were filled with the love of family but when she was not in their presence she faced in silence multiple emotional hardships and even experienced molestation, low self-esteem and lack of self-worth from those that preyed on her when she supposed to be in a safe space. After a lengthy divorce, Lisa maintained a loving and caring home with the help of family and friends. Although Lisa did not have a vehicle, she and both kids were in schools on different sides of town but through sheer determination she was able to maintain a positive routine for them and herself. In spite of the hardship, Lisa received her first degree and prepared for her next educational step. She was determined to be an example to her children. She taught them that no matter what happens in life; forward movement is the key.

Being honest about her struggles, Lisa doesn’t refrain from sharing her challenges. In the workplace, Lisa “allowed” a particular leader to make her feel unworthy and incapable of doing her job. Their relationship was filled with toxicity and it affected the Lisa’s health and mental wellbeing. Lisa takes responsibility in the toxicity, because she gave up on getting any assistance from those that were above this leader. Although Lisa faced great trauma under this leader, she realized that if she was going to make it through, she had to humble herself and use her voice and have a conversation with the leader. From that moment on a mutual respect was created and together through the leader taking time to train Lisa properly and her now being mentally available she was able to earn the annual award of Platinum Sales Manager of the Year.

Through her experience of surviving workplace trauma, she has found her niche of helping Executives remember that their first customers are their employees.

Lisa is convinced that employees can make or break a company, but leaders can make or break employees. She has a system that can assist Leaders to self-evaluate their leadership style and create leaders.

S.E.L.L Executive Evaluation Questions

1. Leaders what are you Selling the new hire? Did you sell them on company policies, work/life balance, the mission statement, teamwork and training?

2. Are you being the Example of the things that you sold the new hire? Are you walking out the excitement that you provided to the employee about working at your company?

3. Are you Listening to the fact that the new hires excitement has shifted? Did they shift or did the things that you sold them on shift? Did your attitude shift?

4. Did you stop being a Leader to them and turn into a boss?

Lisa prides herself in being as transparent as she can in sharing the difficult parts of her life. This has made her a resounding voice in championing the cause of fair treatment of employees in the work place. She makes herself heard through speaking, writing and coaching and calls it her ‘divine calling’

But this made her even stronger and she strived hard to push past the highs and lows of life and be the voice for the voiceless.

With years of experience, wisdom and overcoming she says these golden words of success, “YES allows you to leap into your greatness and NO will help you maintain your peace”

Lisa seeks inspiration from strong women just like her and the greatest source of inspiration comes from her loving Mother, Gloria Crawford.

Ms. Gail, who pushed her hard daily to never quit. Also, Laura Brown, a woman that lost her hearing as an adult but created a platform for authors and with her determination now has 75+ authors.

Her numerous accolades include earning Volunteer of the Year from Chattanooga Chamber’s “How to Get A Job Program” she taught over 300 students. Lisa serves as a Mentor and Coach to those who have been physically, mentally, sexually assaulted. She is a graduate of the Vocalize Women’s Academy. Lisa is also a graduate of Leadership Chattanooga. Lisa was chosen to be in the Shawn Fair Leadership Experience Tour 2022.

Her absolute faith in herself proves that Lisa is a one of a kind woman, that radiates positivity and whoever she inspires remembers her for a lifetime.

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