Drishti Bablani

A Harbinger of Change

Drishti Bablani is a philanthropist, an author, and banking & IT specialist. Her life has been a trip full of lessons. Lessons which she transformed into change and growth. Drishti’s perspective on life and job is very optimistic. Making the most of each day and not dwelling on the past has always been her top goal in life. There’s a lot more to her life, her experiences, and the trend Drishti has started, motivating young people, especially women.

Drishti Bablani is a Singaporean with origins in Gujarat, India. She was born in the temple city of Ujjain, MP, India. She is a prominent Banking IT Professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Instrumentation, and Control (L.D. Engineering, Ahmedabad) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from TIMS.

She has always been the calm head in a crisis and has the temperament to handle stress very well, this enabled her to go further and accomplish more, and then the best. She began her profession in the IT as an analyst with Power Soft Consulting, a local firm in Gujarat where she was working for the client American Express in the travel sector. It’s fascinating to learn that Drishti began her career with the mainframe midrange. Later, when she went to Gurgaon, she began working for IBM, her dream firm. As her life progressed, in 2006 Drishti relocated to Singapore and started working with JP Morgan. It was the beginning of her banking IT career.

She rose to be a Vice President in JP Morgan and then after 10 years with the firm, Drishti went to ANZ to start a new chapter as a Delivery Head, and eventually, with her hard work and determination, she moved to Standard Chartered, where she is now in the ever changing and challenging regulatory space. Drishti believes that in today’s environment businesses cannot afford to remain still when it comes to their technological evolution; they must change and constantly upgrade their technology to stay in the game.

Drishti is passionate about helping people and giving back to the society. Hence, she started a movement called “The Kindness Ripple” in 2018 which is about doing small acts of kindness together in one direction thus creating a larger impact. This movement runs an annual rice drive which collects rice from public for donations to the various Charity organizations/Homes in Singapore. Drishti and her team of volunteer leaders were also recognized in the Singapore Book of Records and Elite World Records for giving the highest public contribution of rice (35,280 Kg) to charity.

Being a woman herself and a great advocate for women in leadership roles, she believes that the road a woman leader travels is very rocky. Not just rocked by the challenges of delivering on their work responsibilities, but more by battling with stereotypical mindsets and expectations of her extended family, peers, social network, colleagues, or even their own upbringing.

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s previous Prime Minister and nation’s founding father, is a real inspiration to Drishti. For her, he exemplifies the power of great leadership. He managed Singapore’s metamorphosis from a failing nation to a first-world country with a high-income economy in a single generation, she claims. The country’s economic infrastructure was built, racial tensions were reduced, and an autonomous national defense system was established. While many countries continued to speak about growth, he demonstrated to the world how it is achievable. Drishti has imbibed this attitude for change through the correct flow of ideas and flawless execution. She never takes a step back in terms of progress.

She leads a healthy and happy life with her gorgeous family, which includes her husband and two children. She attempts to arrive at work on time and leave at a respectable hour so that she may spend time with her two girls. Drishti was fortunate to have a great support system in the shape of her parents and in-laws, who spent most of the time supporting her while her children were little.

The cheerful lady enjoys cooking breakfast for her family on Saturday mornings or going out to brunch with her friends and family. She enjoys writing in her spare time. She’s also taken this hobby one step further and published here collections of Quotes and Poetry in her book “Uns”. Drishti is a great believer in the tremendous power that a wonderfully produced stream of words carries, and how these words may impact the thought process. Drishti is an eager reader, a lover of words, a behavioral psychology enthusiast, and an expressive writer. She founded www. Wordions.com to share her works with the world, which are mostly about love, self-awareness, and self-improvement.

Drishti says her success factors have been her family, her growth mindset – she clearly sees troubles as her biggest teacher, her positive outlook to solving issues and her never giving up attitude which is what is loved by all, and shall be preserved for ages in everyone’s hearts.


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