Dr. Shellie Hipsky

The Global Empowerment Coach and a “Mompreneur”

Dr. Shellie is a well-known thought leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who is recognized for uplifting and encouraging women all over the world! This remarkable lady and influencer is the creator and editor-in-chief of Inspiring Lives Magazine which is the magazine for empowering women. Dr. Shellie has appeared on over 40 magazine covers and on all major television networks, and she is thrilled to share her 13th book, Ballgown to Yoga Pants: Entrepreneurial Secrets for Creating Your Dream Business and Brand, as an international keynote speaker and a heart-centered “mompreneur”! This visionary has ascended to new heights and continues to push forward with the same zeal.

The former tenured professor of Ph.D. students and host of Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie on NBC has keynoted internationally from Passion to Profits in Hollywood to The University of Oxford in England and now teaches her signature EmpowerU Master Class, making the world her classroom. She considers leading her company and a non-profit as a single mother to be one of her most difficult challenges. There have been frustrations, but she considers one of her greatest triumphs to be being able to provide a lifestyle for her children and, via her profession, the flexibility to be a great mother. For her, the label “mother” will always take precedence over all other awards and work accolades.

Dr. Shellie is now booking EmpowerU Master Class and World Class VIP 1:1 coaching clients as she guides female entrepreneurs towards their dream companies and lifestyles. Dr. Shellie’s mission may be found at www.ShellieHipsky.com. She is continually advising clients on their objectives in the field of life balance since it is so important in today’s society, with the minimum balance of a woman’s life and their importance in society. For her own life balance, she focuses on being totally present during meditation, exercise, and spending time with wonderful family and friends.

Dr. Shellie feels that business cultures are improving in terms of promoting working women, but that there is still a long way to go. Following the Covid pandemic, she predicts that greater emphasis will be placed on developing remote and flexible situations for all employees. She has always maintained a healthy balance in all of her life decisions and challenges. As a woman leader, Dr. Shellie believes that the most difficult obstacle to overcome in the beginning was not being taken seriously. She felt compelled to alter the thinking of individuals in our advanced but traditional culture who are unsure of what is good and wrong in the eyes of women.

She has had the wonderful privilege of meeting several incredible role models in the field of women’s empowerment. She was able to present the Inspiring Lives International – Empowering Women in Philanthropy Award to feminist icon Gloria Steinum. She has met and learned from other living legends such as Ariana Huffington, Halle Berry, and Billie Jean King.

Intriguingly, Shellie enjoys working out, whether it’s Pilates, yoga, lifting weights, or salsa dancing. She feels her best when she can get in movement during her day and she encourages her coaching clients to get moving as well. Many of her best brainstorming sessions with clients have come through “CEO Walks” with other women leaders wherein they put in the miles while engaging in powerful discussions.

Dr. Shellie describes her strength as, “leading with love”. Her inventiveness, and her rigorous work ethic has set her apart from other business leaders. She has battled with maintaining boundaries her whole life since she has a kind heart. This can create challenges in both business and personal relationships, she says but she is learning to establish limits.

Her life’s work is to motivate and encourage women all around the world by inspiring and empowering. This purpose has a direct impact on all she does in her professional and humanitarian life.

Dr. Shellie feels that everyone is capable of living their ideal life, one filled with harmony and kindness. Shellie recommends finding a wonderful coach or mentor to help you achieve your life objectives. “You will achieve what is in your heart by establishing your goals for your success and then through hard work and action you can manifest your dreams!” she quotes.

If you’ve ever wanted to quit your 9-to- 5 or go back into the workforce as a dynamic mom and entrepreneur, then connect with Dr. Shellie as she shares her proven strategies to success, as well as the experiences of other entrepreneurs who began with a strong vision and desire in her books, keynotes, and her empowering coaching programs!

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