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Pallavi Malani was pursuing her MBA from a reputed college in Kolkata when she got married at the age of 21. Her then Dean called her a symbol of failure, scared of pursuing a difficult journey – in short, a waste. But it didn’t take long for the gritty Pallavi to prove him otherwise.

Today, as the founder of Sapphire Skills since 2013, she has emerged as a leading Coach, Storyteller and Author across the country.

Born in Ranchi and raised in Asansol within a close knit joint family, Pallavi lost her mother at an early age and was brought up by her father and sister. Her best friend Pooja was also instrumental in helping her sail through the emotional trauma.

After completing her education from the reputed Ness Wadia College of Commerce in Kolkata, Pallavi joined the training industry at the beginning of the millenium. At a time when the industry was in its nascent stage, was male dominated, and mocked upon as a concept… a lady empowering men with tools and rational thought process was unacceptable and demeaning.

However with huge MNCs spreading their wings in the country, came a paradigm shift in the thought process. People started recognising the importance of adding on new tools for a raise. Coaching made them open up to the outer and inner threats, and helped them highlight their USP in the competitive world.

Pallavi chose this opportune time to become an ICF Licensed Emotional Intelligence Coach, Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach, and Licensed Leadership Coach. In 2013, she also founded Sapphire Skills.

“My passion is to feel satisfied about adding value to an individual or an organisation. This makes me proactive, creative, innovative and courageous towards mapping a new roadmap to success,” says Pallavi.

Coming from a marwari joint family, people always doubted her credibility towards work. Male trainer counterparts were thought to be more efficient in connecting with the organisation ecosystem. And few people were even quick to believe that women got their way easy. This denial of identity was not acceptable to Pallavi.

“Changing mindsets has been the most difficult challenge,” says Pallavi. She tells us how to break the proverbial glass ceiling: “Women need to learn to negotiate for their pay. They should have an accurate self-assessment to stand confident. They should invest in skill building, leadership training, and understand the importance of networking. Women must be confident of the fact that being a mother is not a hindrance in their career, they can manage their responsibilities perfectly.”

How does Pallavi herself maintain the work-life balance? “Striking a balance is crucial for family well-being. And the best way to do it is being guilt-free so that you feel confident while doing it. To create a balance, I prioritise my day beforehand. I am an avid follower of 80/20 rule. My passion towards work makes me enjoy each and every moment,” she replies.

Pallavi is equally passionate about her me-time. “I love to decorate my home and paint.

In my free time, I meditate and perform my Narayan reiki satsang with Raj didi, Sandhya didi and Vidya didi. Morning walks give me the energy to drive my day and be with myself without any adage. On weekends though, I put on the shoes of a homemaker. Family is my strength and I devote my time to them. I especially make it a point to spend quality time with my teenage son.”

Pallavi is fortunate to find inspiration in the men in her life – her father, father-in-law, husband and son. “Both my fathers simplicity, generosity, and trustworthiness make them great leaders. Their discipline in life has impacted me greatly. My husband’s strong mindset, setting realistic vision, being self-aware of one’s ability, and implementing the art of saying ‘No’ inspires me to hone up my leadership skills. My son who has amazing self confidence and doesn’t fear to sweat the small stuff leaves me awestruck,” shares Pallavi.

Pallavi herself is an inspiration for many. As an author, she has published articles in newspapers, magazines and Kindle. She has been featured on Red FM and Radio Mirchi. She has trained and addressed more than 10,000 people across the country. She has been acknowledged as a lady of substance by many institutes and social service organisations. In addition, she is the women wing Convenor of TiE which has acknowledged her entrepreneurial journey as a women achiever, as well as the Co-Chairperson of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce. She also holds an MA degree in Kathak, and has trained under the legendary Guru, Pandit Birju Maharaj.

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