Nakul J Sharedalal

Award-winning Intellectual Property Lawyer

Chic, dynamic and sought-after.. No matter where he goes, Nakul J Sharedalal stands out from the crowd. So much so that many can’t believe that this young lad from Ahmedabad is actually a globe-trotting, award-winning, Intellectual Property Lawyer!

Founder of the leading law firm – NS Legal, Nakul is a Master of Laws from the prestigious Queen Mary, University of London, with specialisation in Commercial and Corporate Law. He has been practising for more than a decade now and advises the domestic and international industry across all spectrums of intellectual property issues. His expertise dwells in advisory, opinions, filing IP applications, handling settlements and mediations, drafting of documents, preparing IP strategies and arguing matters before tribunals and courts.

Last year, Nakul was bestowed with the honour of the ‘Top IP Lawyer’ by Asian Legal Business India 2020 (Thomson Reuters). He firmly believes that his unorthodox and grounded childhood laid the foundation for him becoming an agile, experimental and passionate individual. “I learned the importance of time from my grandfather and father. But it was the demise of my mother which catapulted me to the top level. She wanted to see me succeed, and that is what I did!” reminisces Nakul.

Nakul abides by his four hallmarks – transparency, honesty, integrity and clarity, to bring justice and satisfaction to all his clients. “If I can multiply that success for people stuck at legal crossroads, then it would really be a positive experience for me given the space that I am currently in,” he says. Apart from his professional commitments, he loves to educate and enlighten his fellow countrymen and statesmen about Intellectual Property.

Given his commitment to society, Nakul has already become the Chairman of Assocham IPR Gujarat Council; Mentor at KCCI – Knowledge Chamber of Commerce & Industry; Advisor at GR Foundation; Honorary Global Advisor at AACCI – Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry as well as CIAC – Confederation of International Accreditation Commission.

He was awarded ‘Leadership Recognition’ by ASSOCHAM INDIA (Gujarat Council) in June 2016; ‘Most Dynamic IP Lawyer’ at Asian African Leadership Forum – March 2021; and ‘Legal (IP) Youth Icon’ by GR Foundation and The Skyline Magazine – August 2021. In addition, he is a regular speaker at various Apex bodies and Educational Institutions where he is greatly loved for his oratory skills.

Yet, Nakul does not work for awards, but aims for the sky. Sharing how work is his entire universe, he says, “I love the challenge of a difficult case as it helps me utilise my expertise to help the clients achieve justice at crucial junctures.”

A passionate guy by nature, Nakul pursues two other interests in life – While one is his absolute out-pouring of love for wildlife, the second is Formula One: “I adore the big cats and roaming the Indian forests while waiting to spot one is a passion that is imbibed in my system now. I also enjoy Formula One as a sport. It gives a lot of pleasure to watch the teams in action, on and off the track.”

Just like in Formula One, teamwork is Nakul’s strength. He is inclusive, plays fair, and has unshakeable confidence in his skill: “I have been very vocal about intellectual property rights in general, and never shy away from sharing my expertise for the benefit of society.”

With such clear focus and the zest to excel, we can’t help but ask Nakul his mantra for success, to which he says, “There is no mantra for growth and development. But there is a sure way to discover it and that is being true to yourself. You have to be hundred percent in whatever you choose to do irrespective of what others say. If you make work your passion and become your own competition, that is the day growth will kneel down to you. And when you choose to fly with freedom, do smart work, show grace, respect others, be inclusive, believe in yourself, and be true to your expertise, that is the day success will
grace you with open arms.”

Sharing how Covid-19 has taught many things to the human race, Nakul says, “It has taught us not to take things for granted and that all of us are vulnerable. It affected the profession as clients were affected but it also made them adaptable to risk. They lost some of their conservativeness and became more aggressive to resurrect their businesses.”

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