Vinit Amol Bhatia

Young Global Entrepreneur

A true role model, Vinit Amol Bhatia’s story is one of resilience. Growing up as a slightly hyperactive child with a few learning disabilities, Vinit adapted by finding new and different ways to solve problems, especially with the help of numbers. “I consider it a strength as it made me push harder, continuously question, and try and figure out the next step.

Sometimes I feel my mind runs at 100km/h.. many even consider my quick decision making a weakness, but in my opinion it helps make sure that any venture I embark on, I have a clear road map from the beginning,” asserts Vinit, who went on to complete his MBA in Innovation and Marketing from the SDA Bocconi.

Truly a global citizen, Vinit is a highly energetic individual who is enthused by the significant potential of Global Business and Finance. Apart from extensive traveling, he has lived for a number years in India, Europe, USA, Singapore and China, and has a wide network of friends and associates in several countries. “It is my goal to become successful in the global business arena by bringing the best global practices and the Indian ingenuity together,” says Vinit.

As luck would have it, he’s already on his way! In addition to becoming CEO of his family business – Vinpack India Pvt Ltd, Vinit is the Co-founder of WTFSports, CEO at Giardina India, and Co-Founder and Board Member of WTF Media.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Vinit always looked out for the next big idea or an alternate way to earn money. This saw him dabble in everything from lemonade stands and book sales to building an event management firm and working in international sales in markets like China. But when the family business beckoned, Vinit answered the call and started his own project in the existing business while parallely building a Social Media and Fantasy Gaming platform with over 5 million users as on date.

“My passion for anything arises from the need to provide some sort of benefit to society whether it is social development, providing quality, introducing new technologies that are currently not available in the market, or bringing a new business concept that hasn’t been tried before. I love the challenge of building things and seeing them grow,” shares Vinit.

Ask him about the potential challenge of Covid 19, and he reveals, “Covid was a difficult time for many of us.. For me it involved a brand new project getting delayed by almost 9-10 months leading to a few sleepless nights, but we ensured that every employee that worked for us was taken care of and did not fear that they would be out of a job. An unexpected blessing came in the form of another business launched during the first lockdown which took off instantly. As things slowly return to normal, I feel a great sense of pride in my loyal team and the two new projects.”

Vinit is not without gratitude for his family either: “Most days I try to keep a good work-life balance but as with any entrepreneurial journey, there are many late nights, long business trips and unpredictable schedules. Luckily I have a partner and family who are very supportive and they give me the freedom to pursue my next big idea whenever it arises. To make up for this, I try to do at least 1-2 trips with family for 15-20 days where I keep work aside and focus solely on family time,” he says.

Such skill and support explains the honours bestowed upon Vinit. He has been nominated and honoured three times with the Indian Young Achievers Award; with degrees and certifications from prestigious institutions; and holds board and advisor roles in companies as well as organisations like Rotary and Round Table. He is also an Honorary Committee Member of the Della Leaders Club Bangalore Chapter and the Marketing and Digital Committee.

What is Vinit’s mantra for success, we ask him. “Every person, no matter their background, has a story that we should stop to listen. Always be willing to experience and learn new things; this will not only bring you out of your comfort zone, but also lead to new and interesting experiences. If you keep trying to break the boundaries of what is possible and keep attempting to solve a problem, you will, in the end, create something that will be your legacy,” reveals Vinit.

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