Satwinder Sagoo

Leading Motivational Speaker, Author and Coach

A motivational speaker, best-selling author, confidence coach, and martial artist – Satwinder Sagoo’s story is one of success against all odds.

Growing up in the city of Wolverhampton, UK, with his parents and two younger brothers, Satwinder’s family followed the religion of Sikhism. The stories of how their gurus suffered, inspired Satwinder into resilience and tenacity.

As a child, Satwinder loved Superhero films and wanted to be everyone’s Superhero. He was a skilled yoyo player in junior school and many people came to him to improve their own skill. However, during high school he was bullied badly and took up martial arts at the age of 11. He was mocked for his inverted toes and told he wouldn’t even pass the first belt, yet, against all odds, he committed to the sport for 30 years and achieved black belts in Karate and Jujitsu.

Later, towards the end of his school, he dreamt of studying Business Management at Manchester University but failed to qualify for the same. Refusing to give up, he eventually secured a place at the University and achieved 2:2 honours in the business management course after failing his A-levels.

When he reached his early 20s, Satwinder achieved employment in his first senior management position, only to be dismissed for gross misconduct. Some time later, he got employed in the same position with a higher salary.

A veritable phoenix, constantly rising from his own ashes, Satwinder’s own business was born from adversity and life’s setbacks. “I have experienced many painful and hard misfortunes that would have emotionally destroyed many others. However I changed my perspective – from feeling down and defeated to recognising that I can use those stories to reach out and help others out of their darkness. This led me to put together my best-selling book ‘Unleash Your Inner Power’ which became a best-seller in just 4 weeks,” says Satwinder.

He then co-authored an anthology with 43 other authors which raised £700 for NHS and hit No 1 best-seller in 7 categories. He was invited by his local City magazine to write an inspiring article for their column. And he appeared in shows on SKY, Radio, and Podcasts to share his story and spread his positive message.

Following his runaway success as an author, Satwinder ended up using the philosophies he had outlined in the book to develop his ‘POWER UP’ mindset and resilience coaching programme. The idea behind it was to be the ‘God of Positivity’ and a shining ray of hope for people who have lost their confidence and motivation.

“The passion that drives me is the knowledge that my material is changing people’s lives and empowering them to see their own unique strength, and also that I could be saving people from self-harm and even suicide,” shares Satwinder, who himself overcame depression and suicidal thoughts without the need to see a doctor. He also overcame anxiety to speak out at a major showcase in front of 6000 people.

“My stories show that no matter how great the setback, if you keep fighting and believing, you will eventually see the light and discover new treasures. When people read and hear my stories they are re-energised with new hope and positive spirit, and they learn to see the blessing in every defeat,” says Satwinder.

We can’t help but ask Satwinder how he faced the pandemic, to which he replies, “The pandemic was a fabulous opportunity to be creative and reach out to others in many different ways. I grew my reach and profile on LinkedIn and enhanced my huge Facebook presence with powerful stories that I was creating each day. It enabled me to join more network groups and share my stories with them on Zoom calls. It also gave me the opportunity to connect deeper with myself and enhance and improve my personal branding.”

A leading Mindset and Resilience Coach, we ask Satwinder to leave us with a message for our readers. He shares: “When you feel like giving up, don’t, for it is often our greatest setbacks that lead us to our most beautiful comebacks. Think of a moment when life knocked you down so hard you felt you could not go on… now take a look at where you are now and recognise that when you thought you couldn’t, you found the power to pick yourself up and fight back. That is what makes you a super-hero. When in doubt, remember who you are and how far you have come!”

Satwinder Sagoo is a motivational speaker, best-selling author, martial artist, and founder of the potent ‘Power Up’ Mindset and Resilience Coaching Programme, and we’re proud to welcome him to our special collector’s edition – Men Leaders To Look Up To.

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