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Seeing an idea become a reality or being able to navigate our ways through a complex challenge gives one a natural high. It began the same way for Sanjeev too. He believes that the success of an idea depends on people and their capacity to execute the plans at the highest level. “As a serial entrepreneur, I have come to the conclusion that the best ideas are not always the biggest winners. And you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room to get to the top. I know people will only be willing to read the story of my failures if they are convinced that I succeeded in the end,” he shares.

Over the years, Sanjeev has also realized that he indeed loves being a businessman and started reveling in the hustle this life offers. Time and again, he indulges in introspection when he asks himself relevant questions to remind him of his goals. In fact, he ensures spending at least forty-five minutes a day in self-time because it helps him comprehend himself better and implement everything he learns on this journey.

Author, Global Chief Visionary Officer, & CEO Sanjeev Kumar was born in India, but he made it large globally. With a Master’s Degree in finance & commerce, he kickstarted his career in the financial services industry by joining a large wall street firm. Even though an enthusiastic phase of his life, Sanjeev transitioned to entrepreneurship. The switch and the journey was rigorous but also every drop of sweat.

“I am a product of my choices, actions, decisions as well as inactions. And regardless of what happens, I will continue to be the best thing that has happened to me. So, therefore, investing in myself every day is a must.” Indeed, this helps because he can distinctly feel his emotional self sharing headspace with his rational self at all times, a sign of a resolved leader.

Sanjeev is very passionate about the idea of creating a better society and ensures doing the same in everything he does. Not just that, but he also wants to become exemplary in doing so, as he firmly believes that people will look up to him as a successful entrepreneur.

A businessman learns to prepare for risks, but equipping for something like a pandemic is perplexing. “We weren’t taught how to manage a business in pandemic at a business school. None of us had a handbook or a prior reference, so therefore, learning on the go and be able to adapt to the new reality as fast as possible became the need of the hour,” he says. The ability to make quick decisions, act, pivot, and adapt under Sanjeev’s headship helped his business navigate through the business while creating new opportunities.

Resilient, patient, and forward-looking, Sanjeev Kumar practices the habit of forgiving himself. A visionary like him is every bit worthy of the South East Asia Young Achiever’s Award and the Global Indian of the Year 2020-21. He was also the winner of the 2021 “Man of Excellence Award and was also listed as a member in the Global Registers of WHO’s WHO in the Executive and Professionals, 2006-2007 edition.

Even though Sanjeev is such a laureate, he is of the opinion that an accomplished individual shouldn’t just be about awards or being rich and famous. “For me, a successful human being is about being a good person, a good friend, a good parent, a good citizen, a good member of the society, a caring and helpful person, a wise person who makes good choices and decisions among others.”

A gregarious personality himself, Sanjeev Kumar also encourages his friends and colleagues to invest wisely in themselves and their relationships. In this regard, he says, “Allow people to make mistakes and take ownership of that mistake by learning from it. And continuously encourage and empower people.” His words are a booster for many, especially when he talks about how self-pity hinders growth and worrying destructs a lot more. Sanjeev gives himself and the people around him to acknowledge even their lows because one ultimately finds their way out. “It is okay not to be okay. We have to learn to live with ourselves and learn to be our own best friends. We fail when we stop trying, and hope is one of our most valuable assets.

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