Paresh Rakholiya

Lifestyle Consultant and Transformation Coach

As a Positive Transformation Trainer and Coach, Mr Paresh Rakholia’s story is one of complete transformation itself.

Born to a lower middle class family in Shantinagar village, Paresh came from a humble and down-to-earth background. He began his education in the village school and later moved to Surat to pursue higher studies. However due to personal obligations and responsibilities, he had to leave his graduation midway.

In 1996, he started his business as a chemist and in 2006, he stepped into real estate, followed by textiles. Since 2000, he has also been associated with the wellness industry. Currently, he is attached to the Futuristic Indian Health-Tech company – Vieroots Wellness Pvt Ltd, as an Independent Consultant and Entrepreneur, with a mission to upgrade 10 million people’s life in a scientific and proven approach so that they can take charge of their body and mind.

One of Paresh’s long held dreams was fulfilled when he started a company named Bramma Success Resources Pvt Ltd along with Dr Sajeev Nair. Paresh is one of the Directors of Bramma Success Resources, a leading people transformation company in India. He has always been passionate about creating positive transformations in people’s lives. Since 2000, he has been actively involved in helping people transform their lives through training and coaching sessions. As the Director of Bramma Success Resources, he is committed to make positive transformations in the lives of millions of people.

Interestingly, Bramma Success Resources provides a unique scientific based program called ‘Thought Process Reengineering – TPR’, which helps people achieve peak level of performance in their field of work.

“My overall motive in any business is always to give back and contribute to the upliftment of society and that’s the reason I am able to run multiple businesses successfully,” says Paresh. Way back when he was in his early 20s, Paresh started his business with Rs 1 lakh and with discipline and hard-work, assumed full ownership soon. In the last two decades, he has achieved success in real estate, textile, transformation training, and wellness and healthcare segments.

Paresh is quick to ascribe his success to the support of his parents, his wife Lata, and his children – 23-year-old Dhara, who’s pursuing her education from Canada, and 20-year-old Deep, who is helping Paresh in upscaling his business.

Speaking about balancing the challenges of work with family life, he says, “Most people are so busy in the treadmill of life, running to achieve financial growth, that they are not able to balance work, life and health. Somehow I understood this long back and hence am able to create a balance with the support of my family and my team, as well as my mindset, which I adopted very early in life. I had attended a program on TPR which helped me create the right thought process and hence, I thought of launching the TPR program through Bramma Success Resources.”

Paresh is working towards creating a multi-million dollar business with Bramma Success Resources and Aryan Enterprises in the coming 5 years. We can’t help but ask him if the pandemic affected his business plans. “The pandemic did affect my existing traditional business and it was a learning phase for me. Fortunately, the impact was controlled within a short time with certain strategies that I applied from the TPR transformational seminar conducted by Dr Sajeev Nair. Broadly speaking, two things that helped in this phase were – A positive mindset; and exploring the digital framework in the existing business as well as in the futuristic health and wellness space,” shares Paresh.

What also helped was Paresh’s strengths – Ownership and Discipline, along with simple-living and being grounded. “People around us are looking for upgrading their socioeconomic status, health and relationships, but they are stuck as they don’t get either the right guidance or the right tools. This passion of helping them has transformed as the mission of my life,” he says.

A man of leadership, Paresh states that success is not a destination, but a journey, both inwards and outwards. And that the best tool to achieve it is by controlling your brain. “You must ensure that you give the right command to your brain. Most people do it the other way round. They think that brain is the master and it should guide them, but that is not the right way. This is what we cover in TPR (Thought Process Re-engineering) transformational seminars, and help people achieve their goals,” reveals Paresh.

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