Paul Corke

Leadership Innovator, Speaker and Author

For most of us, there comes a life-changing moment that sets you on your destiny. For Paul Corke, it was the unfortunate Hillsborough Football Disaster in 1989 where 97 Liverpool FC fans lost their lives. A young teenager of 18, Paul was fortunate to survive the tragedy, but the event had a significant impact on him and made him realise that we should make the most of the life we live to be the best we can be. Because of this, Paul wanted to become an author to help others and started on a quest of learning as much as he could about mindset and what makes people successful.

In his early days, Paul had a passion for sports, martial arts, reading, and writing; and his favourite subjects were philosophy and psychology. When he began his professional journey, he worked in Retail, then moved into Financial Services and built a career that matched his passions by becoming a Coach and Facilitator focused on Learning and Development.

After 25 years in the Corporate world, mainly in Leadership Development and organisational effectiveness roles, Paul decided to follow his passion into business. By then, he had published a number of books on ‘mindset’ and wanted to create his own business specialising in Innovative Leadership Solutions and as a Motivational Speaker. This led him to form ‘Leadership Innovators’, his leadership consultancy and team of likeminded professionals.

In addition, he also founded ‘Paul Corke International Ltd’ in 2017, specialising in keynote talks with an emphasis on dynamic leadership, innovation and positive mindset. Their key achievement has been to deliver keynote talks tailored to unique audiences, events and organisations across Europe.

Ask Paul how he balances the challenges in his personal and professional life, and he says, “For me, going into business was a lifestyle choice. I had travelled away from home most of my career so to work from home and set up business locally was all about work life balance. I am married with four children, so I love our family and holiday time together. As you get older, you appreciate this time much more. I constantly remind myself that I’m in business to provide and spend time with my family, and not lose sight of why I’m doing what I do.”

An inspirational author, Paul has penned four books on Mindset with the most recent ‘Reframe Your Mindset: Redefine Your Success’ nominated for the Business Book awards. He’s also the Coauthor of ‘Resilient Voices’, a No.1 Best-Seller on Amazon.

He has also been honoured with innumerous awards – No.1 Health and Well Being Thought Leader & Influencer with Thinkers360; Top 50 HR Thought Leader and Influencer with Thinkers360; Chair of Judges with Awards International 2018-2021; Best Strength Based Leadership Development Strategy 2015; HR Personal Awards for Best Employee Engagement Strategy 2013.

Paul Corke International is currently recognised by B1G1 as one of the most Inspirational Businesses. As Managing Director of Leadership Innovators, Paul provides creative narrative, leadership architecture, learning tools, and engagement solutions to maximise corporate strategy to a diverse portfolio of clients who have included Appreciate Group, Atos, Greensill, Rabobank, UT Bank, AXA, The Bureau, HSBC, First Quantum, The Bureau and Lear Corporation.

In the vast industry of global management, Paul stands out for learning and developing the right type of mindset in others so they can be the best they can be as a person and as a leader. He has completed 30 years research into mindset and what makes people successful, to identify what he calls the ‘Mindset Equation’ for success, which are simple steps we can all follow with drive and determination to be successful. He applies this to all his motivational talks and businesses.

A paragon of change in the world, Paul is future focused with a massive interest in the megatrends that will impact us all in the future and influence leadership. “By being successful in business I can help others less fortunate in the world and I do this through B1G1 where my business is recognised as one of the most inspirational businesses for the positive impacts such as providing water and food, planting trees and providing for wildlife, all focused on the UN Global Development Goals,” says Paul, proving why he’s an inspiring practitioner on the global stage.

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