Praful Dandgawal

Expert Coach, Marketing Ninja and Personal Growth Mentor

Born in a small town of Maharashtra, India, a significant contribution of Praful’s upbringing goes to his Maternal family led by his nana-nani. Brought up in a middle class family background, Praful’s father is a retired public sector servant, mother a homemaker, and a younger sister, happily married. His lovely wife is a health expert and together, they have a beautiful daughter. Being outgoing and gregarious, he also boasts an envious set of childhood friends.

An experiential learner with an inquisitive nature, Praful completed his Bachelors in Engineering from Pune University. In time, he also became an Online Marketing Certified Professional by OMCP and Neuromarketing Expert; did an Accelerated Management Essentials Program from Harvard Business School Online; a Diploma in Applied Psychology; Trained as a NLP Practitioner accredited by ABNLP (American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming); and a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach.

For more than a decade, Praful worked in the IT space – Helping and driving businesses, Start-ups and MSMEs with Marketing-driven Sales. He crossed global boundaries with successful campaigns launched in the US, UK, Canada, Europe and APAC markets.

And now, he’s on a journey to share his first-hand experience and guide others in living a happy, wealthy, and stress-free life. People and their behaviours have always fascinated Praful. For a few years now, he has been researching and experimenting on how to influence human behaviour and make positive sustainable change in it. He boldly asserts that he has a thorough comprehension of the human brain, with firsthand experience of the ‘Power of Unconscious Mind’.

Praful Dandgawal is an Engineer by education, Marketer by brain, Leader by heart, and Coach by passion.

He hopes to help people to unleash their truest potential; guiding them to silence their inner critic and master emotions with Coaching and Mentoring. Throughout his professional career, Praful has Trained, Mentored and Coached hundreds of individuals and business professionals to achieve a breakthrough in life on different levels – relationship, work, personal, and social.

Today, he is a successful Life Coach and Personal Growth Mentor, passionate about transforming lives with Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Coaching. He aims to guide people on how to live and enjoy every moment of life in spite of many roadblocks, challenges, ambiguity in life and businesses.

His achievements include being an Awards Finalist – Best NLP Coach of the Year 2021 organised by India Coaching Awards 2021, an initiative by NMCBI which is the exclusive Chamber of Commerce honored by Central Govt. of India; Associate NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) accredited by ABNLP (American Board of NLP); and Founding Member of India Coaching Federation, National body for Coaches & Coaching in India.

Yet, what Praful considers his biggest achievement till date is: “realising my Life Purpose in my 30s. And that I’m able to live and enjoy every moment of my life easily and effortlessly.”

Praful’s life journey itself is a true example of Leadership. What makes him succeed, we ask him. “I boldly assert that it is in my blood.

At an early age, I realised that every human on this planet is intelligent and born with limitless potential. However social conditioning, life experiences, associations, and an individual’s belief system shapes the overall existence of a person. Every individual operates at his/her own capacity and capability. I enable them to operate at their truest potential to live happily and effortlessly,” he says.

Praful’s strength lies in his holistic personality. Speaking about his weaknesses, he shares, “One of the areas where I have been working to overcome is the tendency of things being perfect or best. I have now realised that ‘Perfect is the Enemy of Good’. Another area I’m working on is to move out from controlling the situations where I have little or no control. This drains out a lot of energy, leading to ineffectiveness. Now, I’m able to overcome it by practicing ‘Covey’s Circles of Influence, Control & Concern’ framework, making me more effective at work and life environments.

The ongoing pandemic saw people and businesses being drastically affected on socioeconomic fronts. They often needed external help to cope with reality and get through tough times. During this period, Coach Praful stepped up and guided and mentored many people and businesses in need. What advice would he give to people in times of Covid? “Get this mantra hardwired – ‘I’m Incharge of my life, my every moment.’ Start living and enjoying every moment of your life. Be grateful for everything and everyone you have in your life. Easily accept people as they are and create a peaceful experience with them. You have the utmost authority to choose joy, peace, love, harmony and freedom in every action.”

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